Swift Playgrounds
09 May 2022

Learn Real Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app for older kids expediently developed by Apple to introduce people to the coding language used by app developers all over the world. The app teaches the fundamentals of coding language through puzzles, targeted lessons, and dynamic visuals. The app is beautiful to look at and

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21 Dec 2021

Emerging trends in Education

The movement in software development has accomplished basic improvement in the domain of tutoring. Through digitalization in guidance, the strategy for instructing, similarly as learning, has changed. The guidance region isn’t for the most part bound to real homerooms. As of now, tutoring can be presented to the students over

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05 Mar 2021

Kinder Words – Free learning flashcards for kids

While I’m the ardent fan of learning flashcards for kids in general since they get unique features after a while, I was greatly intrigued with Kinder Words because it was such a special combination. In addition I love these kinds of learning flashcards for kids so when that’s in app,

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24 Aug 2020

Chemical Equation Balance

It is fast learnt that using your smartphone or tablet to learn from just makes sense. It’s a device that is almost always with you which means you can take your learning everywhere and there are several ton of resources to teach you what you need to know. Some learning

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01 Jun 2020

Sound Touch Lite – Animals app

Children usually require something simple to learn or understand anything. For the toddlers, even swiping a phone can get a little crazy. Sound Touch Lite – Animals app is a mobile based application that relies on touch by tapping which is easy for little kids to navigate with their fingers.

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09 Jan 2020

Skillshare – Online Learning

If you wish to become a pro in extracurricular activities, you don’t have to search for any crash course centres near you. Simply download ‘Skillshare – Online Learning’ app and learn exciting new things like drawing, colouring, painting, hand lettering, illustrating, graphic and iconic design, pattern design and many more.

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11 Nov 2019


I did notice few new apps that hit the Play Store and App Store, so I have bit of trying up to do in terms of latest releases. One that specifically caught my eye was Triviata app developed by Veratech because of the best features. The main point of the

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23 Sep 2019

Geo Walk – World Factbook 3D

With this scintillating Geo Walk – World Factbook 3D app you can explore the wonders of the world and nourish learning interesting facts about famous people, events, places, animals and plants. It is easy and highly engaging with Geo Walk. Primarily the world has so many splendid things to explore.

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Maths - Mathematics & Equation Solver 92.5%
08 May 2018

Maths – Mathematics & Equation Solver

For finding this perfect Maths app, people would rather feel happier cherishing several advantageous features taking a breather and not have to worry about solving more Math problems at the moment there’s plenty of that in Maths – Mathematics & Equation Solver Android app. This app wholly satisfies every requirement

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19 May 2016


In day to day development of mobile app games this app of My Coloring Book Free for iPhone would provide necessary entertainment. It is a fun coloring activity for all ages. They have a wide range of bright colors to use and show off your creativity. It would actually keep

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13 Jan 2016


1.Best Alphabet App: Alpha Zoo It is a colorful app which re-imagines the alphabet as quirky animals. The exclusive 3D animation and rhymes engages kids as they trace each letter qualitatively. The app teaches kids about alphabet in qualitative manner. It is available as a book for those in the

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