First 100 Words For Baby

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This First 100 Words For Baby app is an interactive and engaging way for kids to learn their first words. It is designed specifically for preschool children, babies, and toddlers. It is intended to assist children aged 1 to 5 years in developing their vocabulary while having fun with illustrations, animations, and sounds of various objects and animals.

The app is jam-packed with features that make learning enjoyable and engaging for children:

Interactive play

The app is designed to be interactive, with numerous opportunities for children to touch, swipe, and tap their way through the content (suitable for children as young as one year old). This keeps your baby or toddler interested and makes learning their first words more enjoyable.

There are over 100 words to learn

The app is organised into nine major categories, each with at least ten items. Vehicles, fruits, farms, music, forests, pets, jungles, gardens, and the sea are among the topics covered. We are constantly adding new words to the app.

Hand-drawn graphics and animations in vibrant colours

We know how much children enjoy bright colours and cute animals, so we designed our app with this in mind. The graphics are colourful and engaging, with lots of cute animals and other objects to keep your baby’s attention. More than 100 illustrations were hand-drawn especially for this app.

Voiceovers and sound effects

To help bring the content to life, our app includes voiceovers and sound effects. Toddlers will enjoy hearing the animals make their noises and the sound of a car engine revving up as they learn their first words with audio.

English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese are among the 25 languages supported by the app. Your baby will be able to learn 100 words in their native language this way.


Each of the >100 words is presented as a flashcard, allowing your baby to learn new concepts at their own pace.

Simple to use

The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows a baby or young child to navigate and learn independently. Children can simply select one of the categories and begin exploring. All content is accessible when not connected to the internet. The app contains no advertisements.

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Final Thoughts

This app is intended to assist toddlers in learning and playing with their first words, as well as building their vocabulary in a fun and engaging manner. Your child will love learning their first 100 words and expanding their vocabulary with its colourful illustrations, animations, fun sound effects, and simple interface.

100 Words for Baby & Toddler