freelance content writing website
14 Nov 2022

5 Websites to Find Paid Freelance Writing Remote Work

Looking for more work is always a good thing if you’re starting out or well into your freelance writing career. Here are five websites where you can start your online freelance writing career. These websites are a hybrid of marketplaces and websites where you can find people interested in purchasing

English Speaking course
14 Nov 2022

English Speaking Course App

I’ve been struggling to speak English for the past few years and it’s been tough. It was embarrassing to even make a phone call in the language because I couldn’t express myself well. I am confident enough to communicate with native speakers. The interface is friendly and intuitive, and the

Entrance Exam park+
10 Oct 2022

Entrance Exam Park+

The entire point of education is to transform mirrors into windows. At Entrance Exam Park+, they strive to help every learner grow mentally and academically, taking into account their interests, goals, and aptitude. Entrance Exam Park+ encourages everyone to turn their dreams into realities and their fears into strengths! Whether

Swift Playgrounds
09 May 2022

Learn Real Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app for older kids expediently developed by Apple to introduce people to the coding language used by app developers all over the world. The app teaches the fundamentals of coding language through puzzles, targeted lessons, and dynamic visuals. The app is beautiful to look at and

Educational Apps
11 Mar 2022

Best Educational Apps of 2022

In the realm of educational technology, the majority of apps for tablets and smartphones aim to improve students’ and teachers’ educational experiences. On the App Store and Google Play Store, there are tens of thousands of educational apps that cover everything from math and English to science and history. Education

Software Engineer
08 Feb 2022

How Software Engineer is making the world a better place?

Picking the right career-based job choice resembles playing an essential game. The majority of us spend nearly 33% of our lives working. Realizing that a ton of your waking hours will be spent working, the work you select to do should be painstakingly arranged. At the point when the professional

18 Jan 2022

8 Best Educational Apps for Students

Learning has always been a matter of debate and discussion in every student’s life. Whether it be the parents concerned about a bad grade or teachers piling up assignments and projects to give you more practice in their subject, studying is a crucial phase of our lives. But due to

21 Dec 2021

Emerging trends in Education

The movement in software development has accomplished basic improvement in the domain of tutoring. Through digitalization in guidance, the strategy for instructing, similarly as learning, has changed. The guidance region isn’t for the most part bound to real homerooms. As of now, tutoring can be presented to the students over

26 Nov 2021

Careers that are demand in next 10 years

You can experience several unemployed individuals with an engineering degree.  It is good to do thorough research about your well desired field before taking any prospective steps towards it. You must be aware of the longevity of the field within the upcoming regular scenarios. There are career options that have

24 Nov 2021

Top 5 Educational Apps of 2021

When everything is just one click away, even the much respected education apps in India have brought a revolutionary change. Below are listed some of the popular educational apps for students. Meritnation This popular education app is like a one-stop solution for the passionate students of classes 6-12. Whether it

19 Nov 2021

5 Features of Content Writing Tools That Make Everyone Love It

If people are searching for a handy content writing tool, then Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis is your top option. Naturally, this tool combines perfect SEO advice and best writing processor features. By effectively using this tool, you can simply create, edit your titles and Meta descriptions and absolutely get a

27 Aug 2021

Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

I am an XII grader and you know how much important my academic goal is. So I always pay much attention to details whenever I learn my subjects. I have the habit of summarizing what I understood and note down the doubts as well in my notebook every other time