5 Features of Content Writing Tools That Make Everyone Love It

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Education | 0 comments

If people are searching for a handy content writing tool, then Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis is your top option. Naturally, this tool combines perfect SEO advice and best writing processor features.

By effectively using this tool, you can simply create, edit your titles and Meta descriptions and absolutely get a glimpse of what it would actually look like on the SERP. Moreover you also get an in-depth analysis of your content and good editing suggestions. By this way, you can also develop optimized content.

SEMrush Writing Assistant

It is discussed that most acumen website content editors and writers suggest SEMrush Writing Assistant which is for good reason. This SEO content adeptly comes with high-grade features that could be divided into four categories.

SEMrush Writing Assistant provides SEO tips and recommendations to assist users develop optimized content that will rank high on the SERP.

Feature of Readability

It is another beneficial feature as it assists user make sure that in addition to using the right keywords and Meta descriptions, they’re also developing readable content for their audience.

About Originality

If people are aiming to rank high on SERPs, you need to guarantee that your content is wholly original and absolute free of plagiarism. Moreover, you can do this utilizing reputed SEMrush’s Writing Assistant.

Illustrating Tone of voice

The popular tool also provides suggestions and recommendations about your content’s overall tone. For example, it illustrates you how formal or casual your copy actually sounds.

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor

It is a handy tool and an affordable content editor. As you write, this fame tool scores your text and offers recommendations on what should be changed and what works actually well. Moreover the metric illustrates the number of paragraphs, words, headings, and images you should use and adeptly displays the actual number you used in your text.

Frase Content

They are one of the cheapest SEO writing and editing tools on the market, and perfect option. It comes with many handy features and definitely provides good value for your money too.