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by | Nov 19, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

The top companies like Google and Apple come up with innovative ideas now and then by encouraging their employees. If you need to bring out the creativity of individuals in an organization, you need to create a favourable atmosphere for them. Fear, dislike or embarrassment can lead to missing all the important ideas. Ideanote brings together all the individual creativity in favour of the whole organization’s creativity. 

A single idea management platform with no limitations would be the ultimate solution for individuals when they want to share them at any place and at any time. This frees the company from forced brainstorming sessions and allows the creativity to become more fluent and natural. Ideanote is an innovation-led growth platform that lets you stay on pace in the ever-changing world. Whatever can be the size of the industry, the Ideanote leads to faster and everlasting growth.

Ideanote is an awesome new website that allows you to get started with innovation-led growth. The users can book a demo and have a brief conversation with the specialists to discuss their innovative needs. All the questions are answered so that the clients will know all the information they need before they start using the application. 

Ideanote has a free plan and all it takes is just a 2-minute setup. Ideanote allows users to launch goal-driven idea-collections with ease. It helps you to engage with the right people in your innovation, manage the ideas by developing, prioritizing and acting with the perfect one. It also helps users to celebrate and track the impact of the innovations. This leads to automation of everything where users can save time and streamline their workflows. 

Ideanote eliminates the clutter and missing of information when the customers or businesspeople share their ideas with you. The plans allow users to add unlimited guests, unlimited automation, unlimited admins, teams, idea collections, idea widget, integrations, custom audience, custom phases, drag and drop features, insights, custom filters, fields and ratings and so on. Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise are the four different pricing plans that come for a price of $12, $79, $859 and $2399 respectively. 

The application is worth every penny and the impact of collecting and discussing ideas with a company or organization has worked wonders. I by myself have strongly recommended this platform to my business peers. They have tried this out for themselves and they appreciate it by all means. Try this platform and let ideas flow fluent and natural without any constraints. 

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