Entrance Exam Park+

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The entire point of education is to transform mirrors into windows. At Entrance Exam Park+, they strive to help every learner grow mentally and academically, taking into account their interests, goals, and aptitude.

Entrance Exam Park+ encourages everyone to turn their dreams into realities and their fears into strengths! Whether it’s terrifying Physics or an entrance exam, we’ve got your back.

They trust in making learning enjoyable and simple for everyone. They use the most appropriate and productive methodologies because we have hands-on experience with GATE/CUET-UG/PG and NEET coaching sessions. Their students gain knowledge and improved skill sets by paying close attention to each subject and topic.

Main USP                             

  • Live classes taught by the most experienced TEAM from IIT/DU/JNU/JMI/
  • Complete Study Material, including a monthly test
  • Live Doubt Removal Session
  • Online Courses Assistance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Discussion and free test series

Key Aspects

  • Extensive track record of success:
  • Providing education for over ten years
  • Over 10,000 students have been educated.

Why should you study with them?

Do you want to know what you’ll get?

Let’s recreate our physical experiences through our state-of-the-art live classes interface, where multiple students can study together. It is not only about asking questions but also about having in-depth discussions!

Ask every question-

It’s never been simpler to get rid of doubts. Simply take a screenshot/photo of the question and upload it to ask your question. They will make certain that all of your questions are answered.

Parent-Teacher Discussion

Parents can use the app to connect with teachers and track their children’s performance.

Tests and performance reports

Allows students to take tests and view their results in interactive reports.

Course material

Various types of courses have been designed by the syllabus and the needs of students. Never pass up new courses.


Studying-experience-no advertisements

Access Any Time

You can adeptly access your application at any time and from any location.

Safe and secure

The security of your data, such as your phone number, email address, and so on, is critical.

Final Words

Learning by doing is also emphasized in this app, a famous practical approach by Dewey). All of this is now available to you through the application. Join the toppers’ league by downloading the Mobile App and getting started immediately.