8 Best Educational Apps for Students

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Learning has always been a matter of debate and discussion in every student’s life. Whether it be the parents concerned about a bad grade or teachers piling up assignments and projects to give you more practice in their subject, studying is a crucial phase of our lives. But due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, all of us are now stuck at homes. 

Many prospects and services like medical facilities, breakout escape rooms, business meetings, etc., have shifted online. And amongst them, online classes and virtual learning are the trending topics in the market, while educational institutes are left locked out of our minds. 

Physical learning and books have grown apart from us, and the concept of learning isn’t like before. Luckily, several educational apps help you learn subjects like math, science, computer science, and so much more by staying at home. They are free of cost and provide a great way to utilize your time productively by learning something new every day. 

So, let us look at 8 such educational apps that are some of the best platforms for students to study and learn online: 

1. Duolingo 

Duolingo is a language learning app also known as the number one language education app based on the user experience and its performance delivery in terms of vocabulary topics. It allows you to combine personalization with AI and science learning and experience firsthand the pleasure of learning while being motivated throughout the process. Also, it is more efficient and effective than any classroom lesson as you can build your learning profile daily through fun and interactive exercises and engaging characters.  

2. Coursera 

Coursera is one of the best open-based massive online course providers and learning apps available that offer thousands of free and premium lessons in various subjects and topics for students. Through its easy-to-grasp teaching ability and informative lectures packed and delivered efficiently and flexibly, you can smoothly study and learn any subject course of your choice and master it within a short time.  

3. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is a nonprofit education provider that supplies free lessons, courses, and lectures online to students anytime and anywhere without any extra charges. Its personalized feature lets students learn at their preferred pace and gain detailed and objective lessons in subjects like math, history, science, grammar, and other early college-related topics. Also, through its user-friendly tools, teachers can figure out your lacking domain and accordingly teach you thoroughly to fill this gap.  

4. Brilliant 

Brilliant is a teaching and associated community that delivers problems and courses in math, computer science, science, quantitative finance, physics, and many more subjects. What makes it unique and a better way to learn different courses is its daily interactive exercises and lectures delivered through fun quizzes and activities that are hard to put down. And through its problem-solving aptitude and ideas, you can master the essentials of your subject without stressing out over a single topic.  

5. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom brings together the concept of teaching and learning in a hassle-free and efficient manner. The interactive and secure tools help you gain an enriching learning experience through a series of all-in-one educational and sharing platforms. And by being able to control the visibility, tools, and insights, you can further enhance your learning experience on this app through regular exercises and simplified subject topic tasks.  

6. Edmodo 

Edmodo is another educational and learning app handy and practical for the students and the teachers. You get to manage your classroom, interact with other learners, and engage in sharing learning material anytime and anywhere. It aids you in saving your precious time by bringing all the educational tools together in one place, through which you can send messages, share digitized notes, and get regular updates regarding your performance.  

7. Udemy 

If you are looking for learning skills, along with subject topics, Udemy is the perfect place for you. Through its vast catalog of courses from every possible educational field, you can quench the learner within you and discover various career opportunities and skill management sets for both your present and the future. New courses get uploaded every month, and it allows you to stay updated with any subject topic and effectively gain extra knowledge.  

8. edX 

edX is a learning concept and open source learning platform designed to bring learners and students from around the world and share their passion for studying different subjects otherwise not available in their college or any educational institute. You can select your degree, year of study, and course from a collection of hundreds of thousands of topics and subject themes. And through its upskill employment and informative curriculum updated regularly, you can skillfully propel your career and build a future of learning and success today.  


The right educational app brings together the positive aspects and advantages of the various learning techniques and the subject to keep the students focused on their quality content. Through this, the learners can open up to the knowledge and topics and come to enjoy what they read without losing interest. 

The above 8-apps cum online platform sticks to this teaching pattern and does its best to give the students the right direction in their learning path. And once the teaching, topics, and delivery methods improve, learners will automatically understand everything and strive to work harder for their bright future ahead. 

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