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Conversing with outsiders likewise intends that there’s an opportunity all of the time of meeting somebody who thinks uniquely in contrast to us. While some may negatively outline this, it offers us the chance to see new viewpoints and to find out about various encounters and thoughts.

Conversing with individuals with various foundations can assist us with understanding the direct insight of different gatherings. Thusly, this assists us with turning out to be really seeing, seriously tolerating, and more mindful of the wide assortment of encounters out there on the planet. We become more delicate and sympathetic. To develop social skills and confidence chatting with strangers will be of great help. The best app for chatting with new people is 6People – Daily Chat Group.

About 6 People and its features

Meet new friends and engage with others by chatting in a group of 6 new people every day. 6People is a chat platform that promotes authentic conversations and avoids the superficial and awkwardness typical in ‘swipe to meet’ type apps. Users will automatically be assigned to a new group every day (regardless of whether they are using the app or not) to chat, make connections, and network.

Encounter life with others by posting, sharing moments, and socializing with your group.

Explore and experience new people every day through 6People – download the app now!


* Tired of chatting one on one? Try a new app platform with group dynamics!

* Make real friends – no agenda, just people who want to make real connections

* Past Chats: the moments with your group will be saved for you to access at any time

* Send private messages after the group session

* Connect in groups by extending the session (*points required)

* Use the thumbs up for users who have made your day better or helped solve a problem

* Local people: groups are based on users in the same state/ country

* Flag and report inappropriate content/users

* Obtain points by logging in daily, inviting other users, becoming a top 2 chatter in the group

6People is free to use however points are required for additional features (extending the session and custom groups). Points can be earned or can also be purchased (these prices are displayed in the app and are subject to change without notice). The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.

We aim to provide a platform in which all users can be themselves – please familiarize yourself with the chat room rules:

Rules / Guidelines for 6People

1. Please be respectful in the room.

2. Do not post offensive or hateful comments.

3. No harassment, bullying, or threats of violence

4. No spamming or flooding

5. Do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability

6. Do not post illegal content including content related to illegal drugs

7. Do not post obscene or sexual material, text, or images

8. No commercial marketing, posting of unsolicited advertisements, or seeking financial arrangements

9. We only allow the use of English in rooms. This is a requirement if content needs to be reviewed.

Take Away

Interactions with friends and strangers help in confidence building, confidence, coping with stress and sustaining our good mood,  – far more than interactions with strangers. Better try this application 6 People to interact with many friends.

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