Ace Fishing: Wild Catch 4+

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Let’s play 3D Fish Game 2020

Journey to the world’s most beautiful destinations and fish for real in paradise!


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1. It’s an Easy Activity for All Ages to Enjoy

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6. Endless Opportunity to Fish in Different Locations Worldwide!

The app is designed to help fishers find the best spots, share their catches, and chat with other fishers.

Users can also use this app to learn about fish species and fishing techniques.

The app is available on iOS platforms.

Do you want to experience this wonderful game then better download Ace Fishing now to travel all over the world and fish at the most famous fishing spots!

Jump into paradise blue and experience the ultimate 3D fishing adventure!

Know nothing about fishing? It’s okay! You’ll be able to catch the Blue Pointer with just a tap!

1. Fishing Made Easy

– Get hooked on fishing with simple, one-touch controls!

– Who says fishing is boring? Just 3 seconds is all it takes before heart-pounding action!

– Complete the tutorial and practice in the Practice Room to master the skills and even get rewards!

2. Jaw-dropping 3D Graphics

– Interact with catches so life-like they could fly off your screen!

– Perfectly recreated physics of fishing means you’ll be able to feel the excitement of fishing at your fingertips!

3. It doesn’t get any more real than this!

– Fishing rods customizable with fishing lines of varying length and tension strength!

– Hang in there- tire out the fish through epic struggles!

– Fish movements and characteristics are captured with stunning realism!

– Complicated mechanisms made it easy to bring the most realistic fishing experience to mobile gaming!

4. Travel the World

– Hundreds of exotic fish native to different areas! Venture through the entire map to catch them all!

5. Global Rankings

– Reel in the biggest fish and break records! Compete in fishing tournaments held by the hour and go head-to-head against users from around the globe!

– Prepare the lure for the target fish through Lure Crafting System to rank higher!

– Your records are automatically saved every time you fish, so you can aim to break them!

6. More to Enjoy!

– Equip Accessories on your rod for more power! Use the Pearl Powders to Power-up your Accessories!

– Utilize the special Fever Mode! Fever Mode will increase your stats to the MAX so you can catch the fish you’ve always dreamed of!

7. Shh! It’s a Secret!

– A special League Ranking to show off your skills is coming soon!