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Parent-child relationships are important for many reasons 

In the parent-child relationship, the child is nurtured physically, emotionally, and socially. Each child and parent will be able to enjoy and nurture this bond as long as they remain close. A child’s personality, life choices, and overall behaviour are shaped by this relationship. In addition to affecting their mental, physical, and emotional well-being, it can weaken their socialization and relationships. 

The profile of cognitive abilities, beliefs, ethical values, coping defences, and salient emotional moods that characterize each child at each developmental stage is the result of diverse influences operating in complex ways.

Most students of human development agree that the most important determinants of the different profiles include the inherited physiologic patterns that are called temperamental qualities, parental practices and personality, quality of schools attended, relationships with peers, the ordinal position in the family, and, finally, the historical era in which late childhood and early adolescence are spent.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Young children who grow with a secure and healthy attachment to their parents stand a better chance of developing happy and content relationships with others in their life.
  • A child who has a secure relationship with a parent learns to regulate emotions under stress and in difficult situations.
  • Promotes the child’s mental, linguistic, and emotional development.
  • Helps the child exhibit optimistic and confident social behaviours.
  • Healthy parent involvement and intervention in the child’s day-to-day life lay the foundation for better social and academic skills.
  • A secure attachment leads to healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and motivational development. Children also gain strong problem-solving skills when they have a positive relationship with their parents

Parenting with Mental Health and Parenting Support – Makes Parenting easy

Parenting is challenging, but you are not alone! The BEAM app is an online community that provides users with access to new psychoeducational parenting and mental health videos each week, full of useful tips and information that mothers can put into practice. Users also have access to private interactive forums where they can receive peer support and connect with clinicians who specialize in mental health and parenting.

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Take Away

Parents need support. Beam parental App and services can help, although they need to be based on approaches that have been rigorously tested and shown to work. The committee’s report looked at the evidence backing up various intervention programs and services and identified the features and practices of effective parenting interventions.