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Do you like meeting up with people belonging to different cultures? Or want to hang out and share your thoughts with the strangers? Well, everyone has different opinions regarding this. But, according to me, meeting up with new people is good whatever the circumstances may be. When we share thoughts with someone we also get to know about different languages, cultures and many more things. Through social media websites, nowadays people are getting in touch with each other more and more. So, there is another brilliant platform for you, especially for the youth!

It’s called “Bottled”, a modern way of sending a message in a Bottle developed by Honi, Inc.

Bottled allows you to send a written message followed by a pic or GIF (optional) and send it via a bottle. Whether you’re looking for a friend, a pen pal, or simply an intellectual connection, let serendipity decide your chance encounters with Bottled. It’s just like sending a letter to someone, somewhere in the world.

The working of the app is very simple and easy. You only need to install the app on your Android device and start sending messages to people. You can connect with new friends, learn new languages and discover new cultures. You’ve to send your message and throw the bottle via the sea. Your messages will then be received by one unique individual in the whole world. You can send the message with the Octopus who will deliver it to eight people instead of just one.

However, it’s the choice of the person, whether to “release” it or to “keep” it, depending on the content of your Bottled message. If your bottled message is kept, you’ll be able to chat with each other and if your message gets released, your bottle will float back into the sea to be received by another random stranger.

You can keep your favorite bottled messages and chat messages within your personal treasure chest. You can chat with the people from all around the world whom you have intrigued with your bottled message. Moreover you can answer the questions of Cheeky Captain to test your knowledge about the world and earn Gold Coins.

The app truly works in real time so that you can follow the journey of your bottles through map whenever you want. You can use the compass to direct the message to a particular country. So you don’t have to be in the dark about your message.

Bottled is compatible with all the devices having the latest version of the Android Operating System. This app is just magical about chance encounters, but so many other social networks and messaging services can’t create that. The concept of the app seems to have truly struck a nerve with the public. There are more than 1,000,000 users in just a few months, bottled has amassed endless user comments raving about how much fun they’ve been having with the app. It is available for free on the Google App Store. Go for it now!

Pros: amazing app; connect with new people; built-in map; user-friendly interface; fun options; full of entertainment; free of cost.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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