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Live in your treasure -Diary Therapy Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker

We human beings lose our happiness due to overthinking for no reason which in turn spoils our physical and mental health. Reaching the frustration limits pushes us to anxiety it is high time to control our emotions and to pen down your emotions and feelings. Diary is everyone’s secret friend. But keeping it safe is the biggest problem and its tedious and monotonous too Fortunately the digital age has made having such a diary which can be done by  Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker. Track all emotions, depressions, and anxiety to improve your general well being and stay hale and healthy to enjoy God’s gift. Record all your Special events, normal events, sad events, etc anytime without pen and paper just with the user-friendly app.

 Learn to master your emotions with Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker

  • Learn to identify your emotions by keeping a track of how you’re feeling throughout the day and stay emotionally stable with the mood journal. This unique feature helps us to identify and improve our mood patterns.
  • Graphs & Interesting Insights will make mood diary more appealing and keep you happy by making you live with the insights and be blessed.
  • The self-care journal helps us to create stories daily with Reminders or notifications and can live every moment in life.
  • Motivation is an important life skill because every person on the earth is unique and has a purpose. Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker gives a daily motivation quote to work towards your goals which helps our dreams turn to reality.
  • Everyone feels so alone inside that their deepest wish is never to be shared with anyone .no one is a trustworthy individual so just pen down all the happenings or secrets by enabling emotion tracker app lock and keep it as secure as it could and keep all your matters confidential.
  • Life cannot be visualized or predicted but sometimes we wish to visualize all are happy days which has gone by the highlighting feature of Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker is  images can be drawn or added up to your story to bring into life
  • Tracking your happiness and emotions using icons can represent your mood and activities and helps you to understand your happiness  and make yourself even happier
  • To increase the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues Mental health is a state of wellbeing in which an individual realizes their abilities, handle stress, and to make choices. This Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker gives you quotes to keep your mental health in the normal state.
  • It is hard to get like-minded people in our family, workplace, friends, etc Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker helps you to join a community of like-minded people so that you can share the same opinions, ideas or interest and mood journal keepers.
  • Multiple mood diary themes help to change the themes based on your moods and personalize your diary to make it even eye-catchy.
  • Embrace your Dark moods to stabilize your mental health. Mental health journal prevents behavioral disorders and mental well being.

Frankly speaking, Nurture your emotions by nurturing your life with Chikku Journal /diary & mood tracker since life deserves to be lived. Each setback we experience in life can serve as an example to lead a successful life. Download and use Chiku – Personal Diary & Daily Mood Tracker right away!

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