Chuck The Sheep – Review

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Fun Games | 0 comments

When it comes to a free game there are lots out there that are absolutely shoddy but Chuck The Sheep is not one of those games. When I first started playing it I wasn’t too sure on what I’d be getting into. I was delighted to find that the 68.3 MB size downloaded quickly and there was a swift start up for the application. There were very few pop up advertisements and each one was easily dismissed with no more then a click. The first thing I noticed was the smooth playing music that suited the game but wasn’t an obnoxious, overbearing sound. The graphics were simple and speedy, I experienced no lag on starting the game. The sound effects are adorable a suit the game very well. They don’t overtake the music but accent the action in the game perfectly.

If you’ve enjoyed other launch and projection games you’re going to love Chuck The Sheep, I certainly did. The physics engine that runs this game is amazing and spot on. It’s accurate and allows you to pin point where you’re launching your sheep in ways that are leagues above other games. The controls are easy and run flawlessly, I found no issues at all with any stage or level of the game. The animations that you come across in the game are flowing and smooth. It’s easy to see the time and effort that was put into making sure this game plays just right with no glitches or heavy and graphics dense loading screens. The levels start out easy so that you can get the swing of things before progressively getting harder. The goal is to rescue the caged penguins being held against their will. A righteous cause!

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The user interface was easy to navigate and the buttons were large enough to press easily. The whole thing was very responsive even when played on my older tablet. Both my older and newer tablets played the game well with no lag and both handled the physics engine wonderfully. The replay value on this app is high and the ability to enjoy it as both adults and children is a huge bonus. My 8 year old loved the game just as much as I did and is still playing it on her Ipad. She loved the fact that she was launching sheep and that she got to save the helpless little penguins from their rickety cages. I love that she plays because it’s a fun, almost educational game teaching her about inertia and angles as well as the basics of physics in a way that children can begin to understand.


The concept of this application is amusing, light hearted and fun. It’s adorable and compelling.


The visuals leave nothing to be desired. They are crisp and clean.

User Interface :

The user interface is ideal. It’s clean and easy to work with.

User Experience :

This was a fun, amazing game with high replay value. It deserves five stars.

Animations :

The animations of this game were smooth and deserving of a high rating. The games animations ran effortlessly.


The music was unique and wonderful. One of the only games I’ve played with the sound ON.