Create a liquid avatar to represent & securely share your online identity

by | May 4, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

Avatars aren’t new. We’ve used them since the internet was a thing, but they are rarely more than a cute or cool-looking character for you to show off to friends. Meet Liquid Avatars – avatars with a real-world purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, they are cool. In fact, there are near limitless customization options to make your Liquid Avatar unique. And they are unique – they are verified using a cloud-based biometric scanner to ensure that your avatar is as unique as you. Only one person can own an avatar at once time, and they can even be bought and sold on the marketplace.

Aside their cool looking-ness, they also have some interesting technology behind it. Using blockchain technology, Liquid Avatars are based on the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). SSI moves the process of digital identity authentication away from 3rd parties, placing it under the control of the individuals themselves.

Your avatars have a public data layer, which is information you’re happy to share with anybody. Then you have permission-based or private data. This might be data you’re happy to share with some, but not others. You can create an avatar for every aspect of your life – friends, family co-workers, gaming etc. Using Liquid Avatar it’s possible to share your digital identity and information in a way that preserves your privacy and security.

The CEO of liquid avatar envisions a future where online identity authentication is as simple as showing a driver’s license or passport. Blockchain is dramatically changing a huge variety of industries and sectors, and digital identity is no exception. Download the app today to get your first Liquid Avatar – visit the App Store, Google Play or