Cross One :Number Stack Puzzle – Review

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Fun Games, General Apps, Parent Apps | 0 comments

If you are a puzzle games fan, then Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle will ultimately interest you. Cross One: Number Stack is an android application developed by Paprika3. It is simple to learn and understand as its instructions are quite straightforward. In less than 10 seconds you will have learns all the basic moves and logics. It has more than 540 levels making it more challenging and fun as you rise through the levels.


Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle consists of a rectangular dashboard with 25 tiles. Tapping any tile will add 1 to the tiles surrounding that tile on all sides (below/above/left or right). The aim is to match a number puzzle that is displayed at the beginning of the level. It requires sharp mathematical analysis to complete each level in the shortest time possible and get three stars reward. If a player fails, the level can be reloaded until they player gets it right. However, there are hints and Undo’s that can be used to correct moves.

User Experience

While this game is easy to learn, the puzzle grows tougher as the player rises through the levels. With more than 540 levels a Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle is a guarantee of longer play hours and difficult challenges every day. Each completed level earns the player up to 3 stars and allows them to get to the next levels. The stars collected will lead to more advanced levels. However, the users can always replay levels that have gained satisfactory stars to advance.

User Interface

The game graphics of Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle is straightforward and easy to manoeuvre. The user can choose their color theme from different alternatives. With each new level, the color theme changes. Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle also has games awesome soundtracks to add more fun to the game. The hints and the Undo button allow the player to rethink their moves or get assistance if they are stuck in a level.


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