Enjoy with Ollie jinglemaster in Ollie the AR Elf

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Meet jingle master on this Christmas with Ollie the AR Elf Application. It’s available on the App Store. You will meet Ollie through Augmented Reality feature. One can find daily holiday stories. In short, you will find Christmas cheers at your home in an easy way.

Specifications of Ollie the AR Elf:

Coming on the features of this app, you will get good and cool graphics in this app. There is a hide & seek game. Music and virtual snowfall feature in the screen. On tap on the character, you will get special interaction. Additionally, you will find interesting Ollies stories. There will be a new activity each day. There is a good user interface in this app.

Using this application:

You will have your own profile in this app. To play hide & seek game, just place Ollie & his friends around the house and ask children’s to find them. Take the photo with Ollie and share it on social media too. To enjoy the AR feature, just place the AR target on the flat surface and enjoy watching Ollie at home.

Last words:

Ollie the AR Elf is a mobile app that provides AR fun. It’s all about enjoying Ollie at home while bringing Christmas cheers. It’s a good app for Children’s to enjoy their holidays.

Summary: Ollie the AR Elf is a mobile app that provides the Augmented Reality enjoyment. It will bring a new story every day.

  • Features: 4.5
  • Graphics: 5
  • Usability: 5
  • Accessibility: 4.5

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