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There is nothing more enjoyable to a parent than a violence free, child friendly game. Relatively new at the Google play store is Farm Animals for Toddlers. This is a game targeted for young, malleable minds. The app combines everything from bright colors, brilliant sounds, and brain developing mini-games, all toddler friendly.

 The app has several different activities for young toddlers to fuel their imaginations. The first option you have is the cards. This definitely beneficial to young children who are just beginning to learn animal names and sounds. During this card feature game, children are presented with various farm animals including a cow, a pig, dog, duck, gooses and so forth. The child has the option to swipe left or right on the screen shuffling through these different animals. When they decide to click on one they’re interested in, the card flips over and a voice tells them what animal it is. This not only targets their visual learning but targets their audio as well.

In the menu, another option for children is the puzzle game. This is a good memory, as well as visual learning experience for young children. Upon selecting this option the child will be able to swipe left and right for several of the same farm animals mentioned earlier. If they decide to click on a certain one, they will then have to match each part of the animal to its corresponding place. There is about four pieces to each puzzle so the difficulty level is not too advance for a toddler.

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Another interesting and fun game for children to play on this app is the balloon option. This feature presents children with multiple kinds of farm animals on balloons, drifting upwards on the screen. They will be given an objective, such as, collect five dogs, which they must then use their visual senses and memory to spot the dogs and pop the balloons. This is great for young children just learning their numbers and enhancing their memory.

 The last feature of this app is my personal favorite, the Piano. This feature presents children with several, colorful piano keys on screen. There are farm animals near each key and they each make a sound. This prompts children to match each key with the animal that just made the sound. Its beneficial and serves well as a memory game for young children.

This child friendly, free app is available on the Google play store and is just loaded with tons of useful activities for the developing mind. This app provides good, clean fun for toddlers. This game is consequence free and puts no pressure on children. They can take their time, discover new sights and sounds and learn something in the process.