Find people who are ready to have fun right now with Soone, the social meet-up app.

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Android App | 0 comments

How many times have you and friends said “We should catch up soon” and never actually met in-person? If you’re anything like me and my friends, it’s too many times to count.

This is a huge problem with how connected we all are via group chats and social media, we talk all the time but rarely meet. That’s what Soone is trying to fix and it’s available on IOS and Google Play.

At its core, it’s a meet-up app. Whether platonic, romantic or professional, you can find people near you who want to do something in-person and make new connections. It’s unique in the way it facilitates these meetups – you don’t get much time to arrange it.

For security and anti-catfishing measures, you have to verify your profile photo first. Then, add a bio and use some tags to let others know key info such as your hobbies. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to ‘explore’ around you. The map never gives away users’ exact locations. Instead, it shows hot spots if there are at least 5 Soone users within a 1 mile radius. Use this feature to find people around you who want to connect, then initiate the connection.

Connection requests have to be accepted within 30 minutes and the chat only stays open for 2 hours. This is the unique part of Soone. It wants you to minimize talking to each other behind a screen and maximize how often you meet up and do things in person.

If you’re tired of plans falling through or never happening in the first place, Soone makes it easy to find people who are ready to do things right now. Download it on IOS or Google Play.

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