Find the Match between You and Your Contact Using Am I Loved

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Is it love you are looking for, something truly/ madly? Or is it just someone to hangout for a coffee or other interesting things to do with? How about an app that simplifies the process of finding a partner for you? Yes, given by the Am I Loved developer, the app helps you refine your contacts and find the ones who are really interested in you. 

What is the app about? 

The concept behind Am I Loved is that it helps you find people who really show some liking towards you. You will be able to praise people for who they actually are with this awesome tool. You can easily surpass those who are in contact with you just with a selfish motto. 

Working of Am I Loved:

Am I Loved asks for your phone number as you download it. Later on, you can select English/ Spanish to use the app. It then asks the user to choose one person from the contacts. It takes about four hours for the app to confirm if you are ok with the contact and it can be made permanent. Later on the app sends notifications to the contact to check if they like us and want to date with us. 

Special features of the app:

Am I Loved allows users to set the number of times they want to receive confirmations. They can choose the date and time of the last confirmation and also the minimum confirmations needed to be set for you and your contact. The app has a very clean and simple interface that assists you in using the app without any hindrance. It is so secure to use as it brings closer only the contacts you already know.

Am I Loved has so many options that facilitates for the better handling of the app. You can choose the toggle mode to be ON/OFF for the confirmations, hidden and notifications mode. The app has an about and help section and options that allows you to alter the phone number. Am I Loved developer will answer all the queries you have when you send an email to [email protected]. If you come across any abusive or illicit content, you can report that to the developer as well. 


Am I Loved is free to download but the ad-free version comes for 1.99 pounds. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions and is suitable only for adults.

Join the app today and take a step ahead in finding the best match for your life.

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