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Gemoo is an online tool that allows you to create, save, organise, and share media data such as videos, audio, images, documents, and so on. And, overall, visualise your feedback throughout the course of a project. It’s simple, quick, and intuitive. They are here to help you communicate and collaborate effectively in your own unique and diverse ways, so you can embrace infinite possibilities.

Make Your Message

You can use the Gemoo tool to create or import videos, audio, images, documents, and other media. In Gemoo, these contents are referred to as Messages. The vibrant messages are from the library, which contains a wealth of rich media content. This is the first step in the process of creating everything.

Organize Your Messages via Topic

Messages are created on an individual basis. You must create a card to organise your files for your convenience in order to combine or organise the individual messages. Consider a card to be a way to group and organise your messages. You can tailor the display effect to your needs by selecting Custom, Mind Map, Calendar, or Slide View.

The general subject of the organised cards containing Messages is Order Your Messages by Card Topic. Cards with the same topic can be grouped together into a single topic.

Organise Your Topics Using Space

If the topics are subfolders, you can use the space as a folder to organise the topics. Spaces can be used to organise information according to different tasks, projects, or whatever other categories you want. Spaces keep all relevant topics together. They add an extra level of organisation and classification so you can always find what you’re looking for!


Share the Messages, Topic, or Space with others as viewers or commenter’s, either privately or publicly. The receiver will receive a notification from Gemoo and will be able to access the shared content. Commenter’s can provide feedback on the shared content. Effective communications and target annotations are available.

Final Words

Gemoo is on a mission to enable everyone to communicate and collaborate effectively, in their own unique and diverse ways, in order to embrace infinite possibilities. Fly your imagination free of constraints.