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Since childhood, I love to explore new things and wanted to do something very unique. At that time Geography was one of my favorite subjects and still it’s my favorite! There are a few people who like geography because it’s a very confusing subject but, if you go through it and understand the concepts, it’s quite interesting. I was very much interested about filling the locations on the map of different countries. There was always a question mark in my mind about why the Earth is round, why there is day and night, which place is far from another place in terms of Longitude and Latitude, etc.

Nowadays, you can get everything at your fingertips as there are Smartphones with Internet facility. You can search for anything you want. As I am very curious about finding the addresses of different locations and want to develop an app where people can find the locations easily. It’s known as Geocode API: Adress to Coordinate conversion and Geoparsing.

Now what is Geocoding? It’s the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates (like longitude and latitude), which you can use to place markers on the map, or position the map. And Geocoding API is a service that provides geocoding of addresses and vice-versa. So this Geocode API is a fast, scalable, reliable Geocoding and Geoparsing app. It always provides enough performance even if there are so many requests made at a time. You can get 3000 free requests/ day and find the data about the addresses worldwide. Moreover, you will get real-time results as the API is powered by a strong infrastructure to return the results.

The API returns search results in the JSON format. For example- you entered any location that you want to search and want to get address in the search bar. The result will be displayed instantly in JSON format as well as in the formatted version. The result can be easily integrated in any application.

The main objective of this API is to help you in building your application for your business or any other purpose. This reduces your development costs and makes your business scalable. Geocoding requires high server capacity and a maximum of data availability. There are some tips that you can use while developing your app. You can increase the user experience of your app or website by providing a fast and reliable location input field with auto completion. You can enrich your CRM data with this API. Last, but not the least, use Geocode API to clean and normalize your data so that the data can be easily visualized.

One thing that I want to tell you about Geocode API is that there are no throttling or rate limits. There is fair pricing, you only pay for what you need. There are free plans as well as custom plans that you can choose from! There are plans for every project and usage. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade the plan at anytime. So here are the plans that are billed on a monthly basis:

Subscription plans: FREE SMALL MEDIUM LARGE
Price $0 $85 $135 $300
Monthly requests 350.000                                   2.000.000 3.500.000 8.000.000
Queries per second 2 25 35 50
Support Email Personal Personal Personal
Service Level agreement ———— Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Self-service Concierge Onboarding Concierge Onboarding Concierge Onboarding

There is also a plan known as custom plan where you can make unlimited number of requests, queries per second and you will get personal support as well. So start using Geocode API now and give your business a new direction!

Pros:  scalable, easy to use API; returns results in JSON format; easy to integrate; real-time results; affordable plans; accurate results.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Try Geocode API today