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In competitive app market, developers face significant challenges in getting their apps noticed and downloaded. AppMarketingPlus, a leading App Marketing Agency, understands this struggle and is excited to announce the launch of a Special App Marketing Package Offer designed to address these challenges head-on. Priced at $1299, this comprehensive package aims to increase app visibility and drive organic downloads, ultimately paving the way to success for app developers.

Unlocking Success

The package includes a range of services that aim to maximize the app’s impact in the market. First and foremost, AppMarketingPlus offers the creation of a professionally written press release about the app, followed by its distribution to over 200 channels, including Google News and Bing News. This guarantees widespread exposure and helps build credibility for the app.

Furthermore, AppMarketingPlus conducts a complete analysis of the app and its competitors, allowing them to develop a tailored App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. This strategy focuses on improving the app’s ranking and visibility in app stores, ensuring that it reaches its target audience effectively.

Take Advantage of Republic Day Offer

To further enhance the app’s reputation, AppMarketingPlus offers positive review writing by professional writers. They will write 10 review articles promoting the app and guarantee their publication on 10 different websites. Additionally, the agency will feature the app’s banner on the homepages of these review websites, giving it prime exposure for an entire month.

Services at a Glance

  • A Professionally written Press release about your app.
  • Press Release Distribution to 200+ channels with guaranteed inclusion of Google News & Bing News.
  • A complete analysis of your app, and your competitors’ apps and then develop an ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy for your app.
  • ASO Top chart and Keywords Ranking
  • Positive review writing by professional writers (10 review articles )
  • Guaranteed review publication of your app on 10 websites
  • Featured Promotion – They will publish your app featured banner on 10 review websites’ home page and it should be held for one month
  • Create a landing page website or Promotional Video for 60 Seconds.
  • App Store Rating and Reviews
  • Play store rating
  • App Installs (1000)

To create a compelling and engaging promotional presence, AppMarketingPlus also provides the option to create a landing page website or a 60-second promotional video for the app. These visual assets are proven to capture users’ attention and increase conversion rates. Finally, the package includes essential services for app success, such as App Store and Play Store ratings, as well as 1000 app installs to help jumpstart organic growth.

Avail Special App Promotion Package Offer

AppMarketingPlus’s Special App Marketing Package Offer at $1299 (50 % off) is an incredible opportunity for app developers looking to increase their visibility and organic downloads. With an array of services designed to enhance credibility, ranking, and overall market presence, this comprehensive package is a must-have for developers looking to pave their way to success in the highly competitive app market.

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