Kid Science Amazing Experiment – REVIEW

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Education | 0 comments

Science has become a part of our daily life. Nothing is possible in our life without science. Kids Science Amazing Experiment is a life saving app to persons like me. While wondering what to do for my kid’s Science Carnival at school I stumbled upon this app and was very pleased to have found it.This app is sure to make the kids turn their heads off from television and make them try their hands on these mind-boggling science experiments.

Its Attributes :

Kids can easily remember the subject better when they try these Science experiments, rather than studying them in theory.


The science laboratory which is shown in this app is really awesome with appealing colours.They have provided simple basic experiments which is easy to understand. Kids can try these experiments given in this app and improve their knowledge and skills.

This app is totally free for download and an awesome app that occupies less memory space. This app doesn’t drain your battery, a big relief. Coming to the core part, this app makes learning a fun process.The kids science experiments posted in this app are easy to try and fun filled. One need not run here and there in search of materials needed for the projects, the materials required for these science experiments are easily available at our home. Products like used plastic bottle, straw, empty soda can, plastic pan, wires, aluminium foils, and to my surprise even ordinary paper and pizza box were used. I was awe- struck to see the junks turn into a useful Science project for my kid. The steps given were very easy to follow and was pleased at the end to see a really working science experiment project.


There is hardly any cons in this app, except there are only few experiments provided to try on. Can add some few more interesting experiments to all kid’s of different age groups .


Make your kids free time more informative by downloading this free app and show them the world of science can be interesting too !