Kids drawing fun colouring book

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I was excited to find this app for my son because it has a variety of games available and he can use it easily. I find that some other apps are difficult or frustrating for him, but this one is perfect. I would recommend this app to anyone whose children enjoy drawing and coloring!

This is a great app for kids to play. There are so many different games for them to choose from and it is easy for a child who is just developing their creative skills to use the app and play all the games on their own. The interface is very intuitive, which means that you won’t have to worry about your kids getting frustrated because they can’t figure out how to navigate through the app.

There is a huge variety of games available this mini coloring games for kids to play in this iOS application, including:

DRAWING: You can draw the blank slate along with the full palette of colors. 

FUN PAINTING: You’re required to tap the blank coloring book pages along with the dozens of bright and fun colors of these coloring games for kids.

Colour FILL: You can use a variety of colors and options from the game for painting the pictures, including glitter, sticker, cute patterns, and crayons. 

GLOW PEN: kids can paint by using neon colors on the background, which is a fun way to create unique artwork. 

NUMBER PAINT: Kids can color by the numbers for filling in an amazing picture, which is a one-shade paint that you can use at a time. 

What’s New

A Huge collection of coloring pages categories

Flowers, Robots, Dolls, Animals, and especially

the Cartoon characters that kids will love to color.

Take Away

I cannot recommend this app enough! My daughter and I both love it and find it to be a great way to get creative together. My kids love that they can make their drawings and create their games for us to play.