Let Us Become Responsible Parents with KiteBoard

by | Oct 20, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

Do you wish to stay connected with your kid all the time? Do you want them to do something good every day and make it a habit? Of all the things we do, responsible parenting is quite difficult and this app named KiteBoard helps you to achieve it with much ease. The app is a boon and is in use with many parents and children across the globe. 

Given by Dmytro Kompanets, the app KiteBoard belongs to the ‘Lifestyle’ category in the Play Store. KiteBoard acts like your home bulletin board where you will be able to showcase the accomplishments of your child. It will be the digital notice board to display the tasks to be done, to-do lists, reminders, etc. 

Kite tools come with a collection of a complete ecosystem that allows you to better communicate with your child. KiteBoard lets you add any tasks to your child like asking him to brush the teeth regularly, clean the room daily, share his favourite music, control the time he spends on his mobile and so on. As your child completes the task, you can add pocket money to him and encourage him to perform further. 

KiteBoard is part of the ecosystem of parent-child apps – kite.tools that allows you to get the following things done. The app allows you to include tasks that your child has to do for the day. It lets you take inspiration from the available templates or make it on your own. To motivate your kid, as a parent you will be able to add coins as an award to your kid. Once your child knows what you want from him, he performs to earn coins. Awards are credited to the child after confirmation so that he will not be able to cheat. By clicking on the attach button, the child will be able to submit his proof which you can verify and click on confirm or reject. 

The app is so simple and easy to handle. Users can switch between the days using the arrow key and can add more than one child to the app. The History enables you to look at the total coins earned from the previous days. With this app, the parent can buy gifts from the KiteStore. The app is available for both iOS and Android users and is completely free to download. It comes with in-app products that can be purchased to make use of other added features. 

KiteBoard lets you go creative, have fun and enjoy safe parenting in today’s digital world and it allows you to stay in your child’s life.

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