Let Us Discover the Secrets with Detective Hubert Maimone on Sophrosyne

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Heard about Zeus, Hercules and Athena? Wondering who they are? These are the new names of the Greek gods and goddesses. We might have seen or heard about many of them in stories or movies like Hercules, Clash of the Titans or Percy Jackson. There is an app that is launched recently under the name of Sophrosyne, a Greek goddess that is known to have come out of the Pandora Box. 

Sophrosyne is launched by Emily Conney on the App Store and by the author Felix Long on the Play Store. The app belonging to the News and Magazines category has 10 commute length stories about the Greek gods. If you have a craving to read mystery stories, then this app is definitely for you. You can read the stories as you make a purchase of them on the Play Store or the App Store for a price of $2.99.

The app features the story of Hubert Maimone of the Didymus Police Force who solves a series of bizarre deaths that all lead back to him. We will never be able to guess how until we read the entire story. The app’s menu has three columns, namely: Also by Felix, The Muses and About. By tapping on the Muses column, you will be able to read the mystery stories featuring them. There are said to be 9 Greek muses and the app has a story for each of them. 

You can also pay to read another book under the name of ‘Conquer Heaven’ that features ‘Indiana Jones’ who meets up with ‘Big Trouble in China’. This book would be a great treat for all the action lovers. Author Felix Long is also planning to rewrite Habnab and to work on Huldofolk Magic. He has got another three books in mind to be written later. The author has written many impressive short stories namely, The Interview, The Dog Catcher, Game of Stones, Softening the Blow and Couldn’t be… 

If you have a thing for mystery, then this app is something that you should never miss. It is perfectly designed and you will not have any hassle in reading the stories. It gives you the comfort of reading whenever and wherever you want. By visiting the author’s website, you can know more about his life and works. You can also share his short stories with your friends on Facebook.

I enjoyed reading the book and I definitely want my friends and family to read it as well. This unique app would be a great addition to those who love Greek mythology and novels. Kudos to the author and that really was one fantastic read. 

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