Let Us See the Positive Side of This World with Not Depressing News

by | Jan 28, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

All over the television and media, we can see only the negative news and it is most of it that makes to the headlines. They always project the world as the worst place to live in. On the contrary, we know deep down the world is a wonderful place. I prefer to keep myself informed but regular news is super depressing and I hate to hear anything that is extra negative in my life. My friend suggested this to me and thanks a ton to her for doing so. 

Given by Arman Tavakoli, the app belongs to the News category in the App Store. Not Depressing News surpasses all the regular news that is relayed on the channels. The AI of the app aims in removing anything depressing. It operates with much accuracy and is easy to handle. It collects only that news that is interesting, scientific and happy and attractively posts them. The app has a super design with an intuitive interface.

In short, the app is an AI-powered peace of mind. The network makes a contextual analysis of all the articles and brings forward only those things that are not depressing. The team of Not Depressing News has come as a change as it does all the necessary background work for you and brings best, constructive, success stories to you. It brings the good news first and you can retrieve it on your phone every day. The app keeps you informed of all the positive and innovative things that happen in the world. 

Not Depressing News informs us of all the good developments and innovations on the globe. It opens a completely different perspective of the news you have seen so far and instils optimism on the whole. The team is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In case of any queries or feedback, you can contact the team with the support ticket on the app/website. 

The app requires iOS 10.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available in English language and is suitable for anyone above 17 years of age and is much interested in listening to good things happening around them. Not Depressing News is a must-have to all those who see the positive side of the world. It is completely free for download but comes with in-app purchases as a weekly plan of $1.99 and a monthly plan of $7.99. 

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