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Are you fond of learning new things and exploring new concepts? Do you prepare for any exams which require general knowledge? Well, the answer may be Yes or No! But, acquiring knowledge doesn’t require any reason, in my opinion. Anyone can gain knowledge at any time, at any age and without any reason too! Isn’t it? It’s an individual’s perspective and their own choice! However, I would like to learn new things always and feel very confident after that! It gives me a sense of confidence and boosts me up! You must be wondering about from where do we acquire knowledge? Of course, there are a lot of means today! For example- The Internet, software apps, games, books, mind games, etc. I use everything to gain knowledge, whether it’s from books, the Internet or through any other sources! Last, but not the least you can gain knowledge through an expert or a person you know who can give you true knowledge about anything!

Today, I am going to introduce a fun game which helps you to boost your general knowledge in a very interesting way! Yes, the Mindoo is a unique learning and quiz app for testing and improving your general knowledge in many diverse and interesting categories. The Mindoo has been developed by Patrick Dittrich and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 11.4 or any later versions of the Operating System.

As the name of the app suggests, it’s a mind game which requires general knowledge. You need to play the game by choosing a particular category and a sub-category and a quiz will appear for you to solve. The app continuously gets updated and revises the contents of the app, which motivates you in turn to play Mindoo again and again. You will literally enjoy learning while playing! It’s a great way to boost your general knowledge and gain new heights of success!

To begin with Mindoo, you don’t require any user Login. You can just get the app and start using it. You will see a lot of categories such as sports, education, health, art, people, politics, economy, and many more to explore. You can use the app offline as well and play at any time you want to! There are categories and sub-category of the topic you choose. You need to choose the category and give the answer of the questions. The questions are international, carefully chosen on general knowledge. The Mindoo is your flashcard app having a quality-controlled content. Once, you answer all the questions, you will get your score card through which you can test your intelligence and abilities and hence improvise! There are worthwhile, well-known and exciting facts as well.

Overall, the app is very easy to use and there are 15 categories that you can explore for free in this basic version! Moreover, if you get the full paid version, you will explore at least 130 categories at a very low price and all the future categories are already included in the paid versions.

So, get ready for the general knowledge test and be prepared always!

The app is available on the iTunes Store for free as well as paid! Get the app now!

Pros: mind game; great way to acquire knowledge; fun way of learning; boosts your knowledge and experience; interesting topics and facts; free as well as in-app purchases available.

Cons: none.

Worth Having app – Download the App