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The NC – twitter widget is an incredible app that enables iPhone users to add twitter widgets to their notification center. Apps Genie Limited developed this app in order to allow users to see the last five mentions or tweets via the lock screen or Today tab on the notification center. Iphone users no longer have to unlock their devices or quit the app they are using in order to check their twitter feed. This app enables one to retweet, favourite and open tweets in Twitteriffic, Tweetbot as well as the default Twitter app from the widget.

The NC Twitter Widget is activated by swiping down the first time it is used. After that, one needs to select the edit option that is at the screen’s foot. Each time there is a tweet, one can decide to retweet it, mark as favorite or open the tweet.


The app provides several options whenever one taps on a tweet. These options include retweet, favourite or open tweet in the default twitter account. One is able to view their Twitter Timeline at any time by simply swiping their iphone screen.

One is able to view twitter’s latest happenings as the widget always refreshes itself as soon as the notification center is brought up. This enables one to always be updated on their twitter account.

If one does not have an official Twitter account, NC launches either a Tweetbot or Twitteriffic for them.

The NC twitter widget has an option that enables one to clear widget cache with just a single tap.

The app has fonts that are easy to use. This enables it to to be very easy to operate. Additionally, it has landscape support that ensures compatibility with the iphone device.



  • It is simple to use.
  • It enables one to view five of their latest tweets right from the notification center.
  • It is very convenient to use. One does not have to quit the app they are currently using just to access their tweets. Individuals can access their twitter timeline any time they want to be updated on what is happening around the world.
  • It provides one with numerous Twitter options. One can favorite, retweet or open their tweets.
  • One can choose to only see the tweets that mention them. Twitter is usually filled with numerous random comments. One can decide to view tweets or comments that have mentioned them.


  • The app limits the number of tweets one can see at once, that is five tweets at a time. This comes as a disadvantage to those who have numerous twitter accounts and the individuals who are heavy duty users of twitter.
  • Some people have complained that the app doesn’t work smoothly for individuals who do not have the Twitter app.

Final Verdict

There are numerous notification center widgets in the app store. Each of these widgets has unique features. However, NC beats most of these notification center widgets due to its ability to enable one to use Twitter more conveniently. If you are very active on Twitter, then you should download and give this top-notch app a try.