Newsvoice – The perfect app for the fast-paced world

by | Nov 9, 2019 | General Apps | 0 comments

We live in a fast-paced world where a new news article is born every minute or every few seconds. Something or the other keeps happening around us every now and then. It is virtually impossible to know or keep track of all the happenings around the world. Yet we all like to keep ourselves abreast of at least some of the major happenings. Well, this is where Newsvoice comes real handy. Newsvoice is a news app that is designed with a lot of special features to ensure that the readers do not have to waste a lot of time getting to know the latest news. So how exactly is this app different from the existing ones?

For starters, this app has both voice cast as well as the text version for the news articles. This means that you can listen to the news when you are driving or traveling to and from your workplace. If you have sufficient time, you can always read the articles using the text-based version. This voice-based feature is sure to free up a lot of time for everyone. You can get to know the happenings from around the world while you are stuck in traffic and have nothing better to do.

Another lovely feature that can be found in this app is the depth of the articles. Imagine that you found a topic to be interesting and would like to know more than the few lines mentioned. So what exactly can you do? Google search the topic and read more about it? Instead of going to such troubles, you can click on the articles to read about it in-depth. This app offers its readers the option to either read about an article in short or in-depth. These features do make this app interesting, isn’t it?

Facebook, Quora and a lot of such social media sites use something called ‘pattern recognition’ to ensure that the readers and users are engaged. It analyses the topics that the users like and displays only related topics to them. This app also uses such technology to ensure that the readers are hooked to it. The app looks at your history of content viewing in terms of the news articles and determines the topics that you like reading about. There is also a feature where you can upvote an article if you think it is well written or well researched. This will enable more reach for the article.

You may wonder how this reachability factor works. Well, not all news articles are popular worldwide. What may be considered important in a part of Asia may not be significant in the US. Due to this, the cross-exchange of news between countries is limited to only important pieces. Upvoting the article shows that the article is important and more people will be able to view it. These are some of the features offered by the Newsvoice application. I would give it 5 stars out of 5 for the design as well as the features and would also recommend it to everyone.

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