Odds API – The Fastest and The Most Reliable Sports API

by | Sep 22, 2019 | Learning Apps | 0 comments

API’s allows users to gain access to specific data on any category. When you require a sports API, you would always look for the one that is more reliable, affordable and provides you updated info on time. When you are looking for an API to connect it with a platform, then the strategy lies in choosing the right ones. One such API that I came across recently is the Odds API that provides you real-time sports data.

Odds API provides data for 15 different sports from 30 bookmakers. It also supports 10 different betting types. The API gives many possibilities for the developer as it supports PHP, Node.js, CURL, Python and browser formats. Developers can also get the complete documentation on the official website. With an integration of just a few lines of code, you get things done so easily.

Using Odds API gives you many advantages that other API’s lack. With this, you can track sports data in an easy and efficient manner. You will only be charged for the number of responses you get and the invalid ones are not considered. The team responds immediately to any user queries relevant to the technical or general details. Odds API accept payments by different methods that include credit cards. They constantly monitor the uptime so that they are never behind, thereby ensuring it to 99.9% accuracy.

Odds API has pretty much everything on plan according to the different requirements of the user. The plans are small, medium and large with a pricing of 9.99, 44.99 and 84.99 respectively. When you have bigger ideas you can go for annual subscription plans that come with a 20% discount. When you subscribe for the free plan, you can use it for free with some limited functionalities. Whatever might be your business plan, the team is ready to help you with the right one that best suit your needs.

Odds API cover pretty much everything in the sports field like the football, soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey, eSports, MMA and a lot more from many different countries like UK, US and Australia. They update you more frequently even while the game is going live and you need not worry about going outdated. Fetching you data from some of the most advanced databases, Odds API gives access to some of the great sports information without much ado. Be it any sports application that you are building: a website, a mobile app or anything else, Odds API makes the complicated process a breeze. With Odds API, you can satiate the appetite of sports lovers with all the updated statistics and info.

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