Pool King: The King of 8-Ball Pool Games

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If you’re fond of playing eight ball pool (a version of billiards) and are looking for a challenge in the game, then Pool King is the ultimate multiplayer pool game for you. Pool King is the king of all 8-ball pool games out there and the best platform for any billiard player. Playing 8-ball pool on Pool King is extremely easy and super exciting.

You can log in to Pool King with your Facebook account, sign u by creating a new user account or just log in as a Guest. You get free 10,000 chips on signing up. When you log in as a guest, you get a random opponent to play with. It’s very easy to play if you’ve played billiards on a real billiards table. It’s as amazing and real as playing 8-ball pool on a physical table with your friends. You can also invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to play a game with you to determine who has got better game skills.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player – you’ll be playing against an opponent whose skill level matches yours. You can choose from multiple game rooms, which have some entry fee in the form of chips. You can submit your free chips for entry and join a room of your choice to become the king of eight-ball pool.

The gameplay is very smooth and the interface as easy as ABC. Even if you have never played the game before, you’ll easily understand it by just playing one or two practice games. Just drag your finger on the screen of your smartphone to aim at the cue ball (white ball) with the cue stick, adjust the hit spot and shoot by dragging and releasing the striker. Pool King makes use of advanced physics to allow you to take perfect shots and pocket your balls just like on a physical eight-ball table. 

The pool King app has unique, ultra-modern features such as a user-friendly game lobby, perfect player pairing, premium rewards, to name a few. Your objective in the game is to pocket all your 7 balls (solids or stripes) by hitting them by means of the cue ball and then finally pocket the black ball. Pool King has been developed using state-of- the-art technology and precise game physics to give you the most realistic experience of playing the 8-ball pool game. Remember pocketing the cue ball is a foul, while pocketing the black ball before pocketing all your seven balls costs you the game! 

Overall, the app offers seamless gameplay, premium player rewards and an opportunity to play the game with real players from across the world. 

Refer this game to your friends and earn a lot of free chips as referral bonuses! Moreover, you can build your own game club on Pool King and play with your friends anytime from anywhere.

So get ready to play Pool King, the king of 8-ball, and conquer the tables.

Pros: Most authentic 8-ball pool, awesome features, seamless gameplay, premium rewards, easy to play, mind-blowing game physics, fair head-to-head matches with real opponents, super-addictive, full of entertainment and fun, free to play.

Cons: None

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