Serpproxy – The Most Reliable Source for SERP data

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Serpproxy helps you to fetch search results very easily and is the most reliable and real-time search results scraper. It is simply the most absolute solution for all your Google search data needs. Big news is that it has now become a part of the famous, the most reliable source for SERP data.

With many happy clients across the globe, this API does all the scraping work for you. As we all know, scraping SERPs is a big process that requires a lot of labour. SERP APIs eliminate all this work clutter for you. It returns all the results in an easily readable JSON format. It has many different parameters to facilitate different search criterion. The complete documentation that comes handy in the website is so helpful when you begin your integration process. Another most important feature of serpproxy is that they count only the valid responses and the invalid ones are not taken into account. I found this to be the most appreciable factor of serpproxy. You need not carry worries regarding the cached, errored or failed searches.

The pricing of serpproxy comes with small, medium, large and very large plans. The larger plans are offered with unlimited support and SLA (service level agreement). All the bills are paid on a monthly or annual basis. You can also try serpproxy for free with 50 API calls/month, top 100 organic SERPS, ad results and other search modules with HTTPS encryption. There is a sample SERP extractor in the website where you can enter the keyphrase, location, domain and language and see the results you obtain.

Are you in need of higher volume of requests to be processed? Serpproxy also has custom plans that fit your needs. Contact the team and you are good to go. Bank transfer payments are accepted for plans on yearly subscription with a discounted offer of 20 percentage. They take care of all payment methods including credit cards like the MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club and American Express.

If you have any questions, need a quote or other special issues to be listened to, then you can contact the team through mail or via the website contact form. They respond immediately and solve the client needs.

The advanced infrastructure and the well-structured SERP data brings results that are highly scalable. The team works hard to deliver results with much accuracy and availability. They ensure that the uptime of their service is always 99%. If you need a highly reliable and yet simple system for tracking SERPs with the flexibility your prefer, then serpproxy is one thing that works brilliantly the way you want.

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