Simple GPS tracker for all – iSharing tracker

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The scientists who invented the first satellite never imagined that their invention ‘Global Positioning System” is going to be one of the huge game-changers in this decade. Initially, GPS was specially modified for the military intelligence at the peak of the cold war, they came into the hands of public citizens only after the 90’s as a tracking device for their movable assets like cars and trucks. Now with the help of the internet and mobile phones it makes a good monitoring device between your hands. iSharingsoft provides a unique GPS location tracker for both iOS and Android devices.

Now, most of the application needs GPS access to work for your needs, but no other app helps you to track your devices or your family members. iSharing GPS location tracker app designed to track your family members and assure a safe and secured connection with you. iSharing app is not only a tracking app, it allows you to make safety alerts by just shaking your phone which makes this app so interesting.

GPS tracking application’s unique ways for tracking reduce the stress and anxiety within the parents who always worried about their kids. A Private family map in the app shows the live location of your kids also gives nearby notifications automatically. From this app, you can also know the whereabouts history of your family.

Another notable feature of this app is also working like a walkie-talkie which allows you to share free voice messages. Through this app, you can notify in case of emergency instantly through a shake from your mobile it gives an emergency panic alert to your other family members.

By registering your family members with the iSharing location tracker app, it creates a separate icon for everyone and they can be identified with the icons with their photos on the map. This feature pinpoints the exact location of the mobiles so you can also track your stolen or lost phones. Not all apps can provide these many features under a single name. iSharing was developed with a strong algorithm and stylish interface. And it is an encrypted app that gives a friendly environment to use.

iSharing – GPS location tracker application able to work with the latest versions of both Android and Apple devices. Users can install the app from the store which comes under the Communication and Social networking category. The ratings and reviews from the users show that this app makes great progress in the life of many users, So use this app to live an anxiety-free life.

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