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VIPole makes your communication and data transfer sound and secure.

Making sensitive data secure is always a concern for the organizations and responsible individuals. VIPol is one of those safe and secure applications that are specially designed for to protect your communication and data transfer. VIPole is a communication application that is protected with end-to-end encryption. Strong cryptographic Algorithm is specially deployed to protect the transfer of sensitive data and secret communication.

The level of security in VIPole can be imagined from the amazing fact that the VIPole itself doesn’t have access to the data of its subscribers. VIPole has also a support of clout for file storage and retrieval facility. VIPole has released its latest update 1.8.1 which has addressed genuine concerns of the users which are mostly related to login security and password issues.

Fully enrolled by users, the encrypted data can only be accessed by the user. VIPole also provide the facility of group chat, cloud storage and multi-user collaboration with easy and accessible manner. Data is systematically controlled through and dynamically managed from the main server. VIPole is available for all Android iOS devices. VIPole can also be accessed through desktop computers from offices and organizations.

Some users have complained about the complicated process of subscribing. Other users are facing trouble in restoring their forgotten password. Some these issues have been addressed in the latest 1.8.1 VIPole update released this month. VIPole is available for free download for individual users. There three paid categories of the VIPole app.

1. Pro is available with many advanced features only for $ 5.99 per month billed annually.

2. Team is available with group chat, file sharing and data transfer for organizations only for $9 per month.

3. Enterprise is available for larger companies with full features and support from the main server including larger cloud storage facilities. It is advised by the VIPole to contact the company for purchasing the Enterprise version of the premium software.

Although for security reasons, VIPole has more professional interface. But over all interface is inspiring and with unique layout. Use of the options is made easy with special icons, images and signs. These icons are further supported by written guide to a special feature. File interface include mobile and landline call option, instant messaging, call options, file transfer, HD video and audio sharing that can support up to 256 users connected at the same time.