WolfSnap: Receipt Scanner

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WolfSnap: Receipt Scanner is your one-stop solution for hassle-free receipt management. This app automates the process of scanning and digitising receipts, converting paper trails into a useful digital archive. You’ll discover a new level of financial organisation with WolfSnap, where your expenses are just a tap away.

Capture a photo of your receipt, and WolfSnap will automatically import the store and total, as well as attempt to identify the store logo. Do you dislike taking photographs? That is also acceptable! Simply type it in manually.

Important Characteristics Include:

Effortless Receipt Scanning: Simply take a picture of your paper receipt, and WolfSnap will do the rest. It will automatically extract important information such as the store name and total amount, making data entry a breeze.

WolfSnap goes above and beyond by attempting to identify the store’s logo from your receipt, providing you with a visual representation of your purchases.

Expense Reports: Detailed expense reports will help you gain control of your finances. WolfSnap provides a variety of reporting options, including all-time, one year, one month, and one week, allowing you to precisely track your spending.

Global Currency Support: WolfSnap has you covered no matter where you are in the world. We support all currencies, allowing you to manage your receipts from anywhere.

Manual Receipt Entry: Don’t like taking pictures? No problem! WolfSnap allows you to manually enter your receipts. It’s a useful tool for keeping track of your receipts.

Receipts as PDFs: Do you need to share your receipts with someone? WolfSnap makes it simple to convert receipts into shareable PDF files, which are ideal for quickly letting someone know how much you’ve spent or creating a backup archive.

Shared Receipts: Did you split the bill with someone? Set a receipt to “shared,” and WolfSnap will adjust the total amount based on the number of people and generate a shareable code for you. When inserted into the app, the shared receipt is automatically added to both parties’ records.

Privacy Conscious: All photos you take will be automatically deleted after the receipt is imported, and all data will be stored locally; we do not collect or care about your data.

Final Words

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually entering data and the clutter of paper receipts. WolfSnap: Receipt Scanner is here to make your life easier by providing a streamlined and efficient way to manage your expenses. Get the app now and start your journey to financial organisation.

WolfSnap: Receipt Scanner