1 Locker Secret Photo Album

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People are much more curious about others life than theirs so privacy plays an important role in our life. They might not put in energy in improving theirs but would easily give time and space discussing others’ with utmost curiosity.Keeping every data private in our phone is a biggest task in this digital era.Hunting for the best app to store our data is a mandate task. Play store is filled with a lot of vault apps but the one which I found serves it purpose that is none other than 1Locker Secret Photo Album(https://www.1locker.app/)which will be easily found from the android play store and apple play store.

DOWNLOAD FROM APP STORE:https://apple.co/3qjoAxd

GOOGLE PLAYSTORE:https://bit.ly/2Vh0dCc

The highlighting features are

  • Easy-to-use Pin Access
  • Face Id/touch Id Protection
  • Advanced Alphabetic Passwords
  • Decoy Account To Hide Real Private Stuff
  • Photo And Video Backup Through Wi-fi
  • Customizable Photo Albums, With Cover Photos
  • Lock The App From Settings
  • Beautiful Design And Great User Experience
  • Sharing Or Exporting Your Photos And Videos Later On
  • Dark Mode In IOS 13
  • No Annoying Ads

Important Aspects of 1LockerSecret Photo Album

  • Parents can prevent their children from seeing some private stuff on their phones;
  • You can store hundreds of passwords from various websites;
  • Women who suffer harassment can record memos and take photos to save evidence to protect them.
  • A new father used 1Locker to store his wife’s birth-giving photos, to avoid co-workers from seeing them
  • You can just stuff this app with anything you don’t want anyone else to see

The above enlisted highlighting features will definitely make you download the app right away and keeps you stress free to manage all the private photos, videos, notes.Another stunning feature is this app allows you to have a private browsing which will not be saved in the regular browser and the history will not be seen by anyone other than the owner of the application.

My final note, It’s a good and the best entrant amidst of the photo and video locker app available. Give it a try and get amazed with its stunning features which makes you use the app in a very peaceful way and be worry and care free and keep your privacy completely hidden for others. Needless to stress even if someone has a check on your phone.

Formore information, please visit https://www.1locker.app/ or follow its Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/1LockerSecretPhotoAlbum.


Compatible with IOS and android devices.