HomePage combines the best of social media, LinkedIn and your phone’s contact book.

by | Dec 2, 2020 | General Apps | 0 comments

We meet more new people in day-to-day life than ever before. We have friends and family on social media, colleagues on LinkedIn, contacts in our phonebook and many of us are continuously expanding our professional network. Manually updating and maintaining your contacts can be a nightmare, and in many cases we eventually lose contact with somebody due to outdated details.

It’s also a closed-circled social networking platform among friends, family and close ones. You can post to the wall, share pictures, videos and chat. It’s a great way to share special moments and memories with those closest to you, not the world.

Importantly, HomePage lets you distinguish between friends and acquaintances. After all, you may not want somebody you met at a networking event to be able to see your recent holiday pictures. You can group people into 2 tiers. ‘Contacts’ can see limited information, such as your phone number, while ‘Connections’ have access to more. The app gives you great control over privacy and what information you choose to share.

It also completely replaces the need for a business card. Business cards are quite primitive, and not the most reliable way of connecting. Maybe the card gets lost, there’s a typo or the person just forgets to contact you. By sharing your ‘MyCard’ with a unique QR code on (which can be shared whether you’re physically in the room or not), you’ll both be connected on HomePage.

As former NBA player and current entrepreneur Drew Gooden said:

“During my 14 year NBA playing career, I was able to network with all sorts of people. Fans, teammates, coaches, management, business executives, and multiple owners of different venues. Whether it was a phone number, email, social media handle or business card I received, I lost my connection to a majority those those people throughout the course of my career. Jobs, and cities change constantly. I wish there were a platform like HomePage during that time.”

Even though most of us can’t boast a professional NBA career, many of us can relate to the frustration of losing contact with somebody. With HomePage, that won’t be a problem anymore.

To download HomePage, visit the App Store, Google Play or through the website at https://homepageapp.com