6 Best PDF Splitter App for Android

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Yes, sometimes it becomes crucial to split a large PDF document file into multiple smaller PDF documents. Here, you people need a PDF splitter app to save every single page of PDF individually. No matter whatever the reason behind splitting PDF document files, we are going to list the best free PDF page splitter for Android.

The below-mentioned apps provide you with multiple splitting methods including splitting each page, split by size, split by page range, and more.


This is one of the best PDF apps that work as the best PDF cutter app for your Android devices. You could use its splitting tool that comes with different ways to split a PDF namely split by ranges, extract pages, and fixed ranges. Also, this PDF separator easily fetches Adobe PDF documents from Google Drive and Dropbox cloud storage services.

Additional Features:

  • This app is packed with a few additional tools such as Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Add Watermark, Unlock PDF, Protect PDF, and much more

For desktop versions, theonlineconverter.com provides the best PDF splitter online through which split one page or extract every page into an independent Adobe PDF file.

PDF Utility Lite:

Use this PDF page splitter app for android that quickly split a PDF into multiple parts. It offers three different methods (Number of Pages, Number of Files, and Specific Rang) to extract pages from pdf. An account with this free version of PDF cutter to cut pdf pages according to your preferences.

Additional Features:

  • The app is packed with many PDF additional tools such as Add Watermark, Extract Images, Unlock PDF, Merge PDF, and different others

PDF Utility by Futuretech Apps:

This PDF splitter work as a PDF utility app that consists of different PDF document manipulation tools along with a Split PDF tool. This app allows you to split pdf pages using two methods such as (Split from a specific page and split a specific range of pages). Choose any one method according to your preferences to separate PDF pages right now.

Additional Features:

  • Get the additional tools that let their uses delete pdf pages, merge pdf files, lock pdf, extract multiple pages from PDF, and much more

File Splitter by Dire Studio:

File splitter is the ultimate solution when it comes to splitting multiple pages from PDF document files. Also, this app works best to split audio, video, documents, etc. Stick with this free PDF splitter to split pdfs using two methods that are split by several files and split by size.

Additional Features:

  • This PDF separator provides you with different tools to merge and even view files of various formats

PDF Tools by Weeny Software:

Make use of this PDF splitter software for Android that is loaded with different PDF editing and manipulation actions including a Split PDF action. Right after choosing the split action, you ought to specify the page numbers that you want to split with this app. To assist users to split pages, this PDF splitter provides you with an example that you need to consider to split a PDF document easily.

Additional Features:

  • With this app, you can also merge files of PDF, reduce PDF size, lock PDF, unlock PDF, and much more

PDF Add On:

Well, this is the last, but not least PDF page splitter for Android. Also, consider this app to protect your PDF document files. This PDF splitter swiftly allows you to split Adobe PDF within two ways such as split each page and split by page range.

Additional Features:

  • Explore this app to attain features of Merge PDF, Delete PDF pages, Remove PDF password, and much more

Stick any one of the above-discussed PDF page splitters to split your PDF pages and make an independent Adobe File. Good Luck!