All-in-one access to your medical data and more with HealthChampion.

by | Apr 9, 2020 | General Apps | 0 comments

Do you know your own medical history? Do you have access to an overview of your health activity? If the answer is no, then you should check out HealthChampion. It’s available to download now on Google Play, iOS or via their website.

The app securely syncs and saves your health and medical data from pretty much everywhere – electronic health records, health & vital trackers and personal observations. Without the right tool, all of that data isn’t much use to you. HealthChampion – which is HIPAA verified – is that tool and its goal is to improve your health and help you receive more personalized treatment.

They currently sync electronic health records from over 600k providers and health networks – with the list growing as more providers comply with the necessary federal regulations. The app supports over 20 leading brands of fitness devices and 25 leading brands of medical and vitals tracker. Using the personal health journal you can track symptoms, make notes and view your health activity in a convenient timeline view. I haven’t seen another app that gives you such a comprehensive view of your own medical history – HealthChampion is pioneering a new way for us to access and make use of our own health data.

If you help caring for somebody else, HealthChampion can help you with your responsibilities. You can use the app to securely share profiles, so you can access and keep up to date with medications, treatment, symptoms and track progress through one of the app’s personalized health pathways.

Pathways are one of HealthChampion’s other great features. From managing asthma to weight loss and recovering safely from surgery, pathways are programs specially designed to help improve your health and deal with specific situations. They are designed by clinical, wellness and medical professionals. There are some pathways recently introduced to help with Covid-19, making this app more valuable than ever.

Download HealthChampion now on Google Play, iOS or via their website.