Amazing​ ​AR​ ​applications​ ​that​ ​you​ ​should​ ​try​ ​out​ ​in​ ​the​ ​new​ ​iOS​ ​11’s​ ​ARKit

by | Oct 5, 2017 | General Apps | 0 comments

Apple’s ARKit is now open to developers to test this latest platform. ARKit is accessible to anybody with iPhone 6S going forward, iPad Pro, and the new 9.7-inch iPad. Before the publication of the official release, developers used the ARKit to develop apps for brands such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” but not less imperative amusements like how this new ARKit.

There are existing apps in the market have improved the AR functionality through their updates. However, new applications have been introduced exclusively for this platform. You should update to the new iOS 11 to get a touch of the feature value and extreme fun. Here are some of the AR-geared up iOS apps that you need to check out:

Giphy​ ​World

Giphy is already incorporated in iMessage and has its keyboard application, and its collaboration with Twitter and Facebook has assisted in spreading its database of GIFs across the internet. This app has taken one step further by bringing GIFs to your environment and lets you record a video. You can share full scenes with acquaintances that have the application, and interact with those GIFs in an adventurous space. Given the shattering success of augmented reality hot dog DJ on Snapchat, it will not be surprising if these videos that are GIF-integrated start emerging from all corners of your Instagram Stories.

Carrot​ ​Weather

It is only sensible that the AI weatherbot would jump into AR, where its character would truly shine. Just avoid poking its ocular sensor, to avoid it snapping at you. To get the AR mode update to version 4.1.2 or you can purchase it on the App Store.

Fitness​ ​AR

Strava, which is a social fitness-tracking application, has over 20,000 apps that utilise its API, and now has included augmented reality. The most recent app that uses this API, Fitness AR, functions by enabling athletes to visualise their route on a three-dimensional map and is run by Mapbox. It also has a screen-recording option that lets users zoom in their ways and create a video that can be shared or stored in the camera roll. This app is now available on the App Store.

Ikea​ ​Place

Ikea, which is well known for trending with its smart lighting and excellent ASMR videos, has a brand new application that helps you to visualise its furniture within your home. There are more than 2,000 products that are accessible in the app, enabling you to let your inner self-flourish and do the interior decoration.


If you want to go a notch higher than Ikea Place, Housecraft is an app that lets you arrange furniture from Sirvo, the studio that created the great puzzle app Threes. As an alternative to restraining objects to Ikea furniture, there is a list of items that you can resize to the size of your room, making it more like a planning app. There is also a “Disaster” option, just in case you want to destroy a room.


This is one of the most exciting, constructive tools on the new platform. It can measure about anything using an iPad or iPhone camera. You can also measure angles, confirm if an object is flawlessly level, or determine your room size without any hustles. You can get the ruler tool for free, but the other tools have a one-time purchase fee.


If you want to use more than the MeasureKit offers, TapMeasure is your answer. This app is from Occipital, a corporation that has years of experience in augmented reality. One thing that separates TapMeasure from other measurement apps is that it can design floor plans and even three-dimensional room models than you can export as CAD files or use them in SketchUp. This app is now available for free. However, Occipital charges for features like exporting the CAD.

Splitter​ ​Critters

This delightful puzzle app allows you to destroy an alien world with just a swipe of a finger and direct Fez-like characters home. The recent upgrade of this app has exclusive levels that are redesigned in an “IRL” box.