Castle Breakout Game Review

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Fun Games | 0 comments

Castle Breakout is one of the newest and most stunning puzzle game for iOS devices. Highlighting a serious of mind-bugling problems in each level, anyone with an iPhone will be able to check out many puzzles. The main concept is very simple: it involves testing out the new security system of the castle. Although it sounds easy, it isn’t. There are clues to help you find the right solutions to each system, ultimately, finding a way to ensure that your castle will be able to withstand threats like robbers, hunger, and the like.

Taking the time to divulge oneself into this 3D world can give an opportunity to test out the various concepts of the medieval, strategy, and puzzle genre. On that note, there are still pros and cons which can affect one’s view on this game.


Starting up the game, one will be able to distinguish the unique subtlety of the castle’s area. It is inevitable that one would feel dull viewing the area with very few NPCs to interact with. On the first part, the main character will be able to converse with only one NPC who will take him to the castle for testing of the castle’s security system. Although the cinematography is top-notch, and puzzles are known for few interactions. Since this is a medieval setting, there is a need to make the area more populated or interactive for users to enjoy and relieve their minds from the constant stress of finding clues and solving puzzles.

Another concern when playing the game is the difficulty. Yes, there are levels for the game, but when we talk about the age level of the availability of this game, kids will surely have a difficult time playing it. True, grown-ups will be able to easily do this but to expand the market of the game, there should be a selection of capabilities: beginner, amateur, and expert. Many would view it as a game for all ages can possibly in increase the determination of the producers to expand their horizon.


On the other hand, the special visualization effects are top-notch. Completely incorporated with the latest technology, it is a game which will surely make anyone love the overall look of the game. From horses to dining tables, every nook and cranny of the game are done in a way that visualization is prioritized. In addition to the typical graphics system of an iPhone mobile, it is an impeccable fusion of sophistication and innovation.

Moreover, one important aspect of the game iOS game is the learning curve. A gamer will be able to experience metallurgy, crafts, and other medieval procedures that are sure to be enjoyable and rewarding. The puzzles are incorporated into every aspect of the era which makes it a great learning experience for teens and even adults.

Talking about the puzzles, it is no doubt that they are complex. However, it is important to note that it does encourage adults and teens to tweak and visualize processes. This helps enhance their problem-solving skills. It is a game that can give anyone with an iPhone the
time of their lives!

Although there are some cons of the game, it is undeniable that the pros outweigh them. Overall, the game is inexplicable! Castle Breakout is a delightful game that anyone would really love to have in their iPhones. Download it now and start playing!



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