Edge Diary – App Review

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Edge Diary is a form of modern digital diaries for individuals seeking to write down their diary every day. It was developed by Masatoshi Takahara on Gregorian calendar month, February 2007. It is compartible with 10.1 or any later version of iphone or ipad OS.

Before the era of contemporary technology and smartphones, what will we do before going to sleep or after we wake up? We will undoubtedly write diaries. We enter what we saw and felt in the course of the day and what we are expecting in the new day and perhaps we will write some of our secrets in the diary- after all no one is meant to envision our diary entries.

Writing a diary today looks odd and out-of-date fashion. Thinking of typewriting a diary entry? You require an iPhone or an iPad, and download the App Edge Diary, and own a distinctive and just-for-you diary.


It is incredibly easy to use. Its many options conjointly alter it to upgrade one’s expertise of creating a diary entry. The interface is incredibly straightforward to grasp. The primary factor one sees is a giant calendar. Gently regulate the dates of these days and one will begin writing their expensive diary. There is conjointly a page showing all of ones past entries, and also, the initial sentence of every entry is shown. As a result, one is able to have a quick grasp of what happened a month before, or perhaps years before.

One can additionally add footage and photos in their entries. For example, if one attends a friend’s celebration today, they will be able to embody the photograph of themselves and their friend’s in the entry. This could strengthen the relationship between the two on one hand, and the power of entry to store their memories on the other hand. Whereas one will be able to remember on what they wrote before, they will be able to explore the album to check all the photographs or photos of their entries. So, this is often a good approach of using pictures to recollect one’s history.

Edge Diary App wont solely be ready to restore memories of the past three years of the new generation; it will also improve the expertise of writing diaries. A diary of photos is one of the outstanding example. As a result, a novel sort of writing diaries for individuals within the times is created.

In addition to this, the capacity of the App is 35.4 MB; therefore, it will not take up too much of memory space of one’s device. Also, nearly all main languages in the world are supported by the App. For example, English, Spanish and Chinese. This caters for the wants of all users.

The only disadvantage regarding Edge Diary App is when using it on the iPhone. The words are simply too small. Therefore, one simply desires writing few words and embody additional photos when creating the entries. However, this drawback is somehow solved by use of the App on iPad. A bigger screen portrays larger letters.

In summary, I would say that writing a diary everyday does not solely make one to be a robust author, but also a more robust person.

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