BeatO: Diabetes Care & Tracker

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BeatO: Diabetes Care & Tracker is an innovative, India-based diabetes tracking and care app developed by BeatO. It helps people manage and control diabetes through regular blood sugar tracking, care programs, and expert advice from diabetes care coaches, doctors, and medical experts. With 1.5 million downloads on the Playstore, BeatO has been ranked #1 for diabetes management apps.

Key Features of BeatO: Diabetes Care & Tracker

BeatO has some amazing features that make it a powerful and comprehensive diabetes app. Here are some of the key features of this app:

  • Automatically save readings, and get trends & insights.
  • Get free advice from diabetes care coaches for your readings.
  • Nutrition & lifestyle advice from nutritionist/dietitian onboard.
  • Get estimated HbA1c tracking, timely reminders & alerts.
  • Explore Learn Section specially curated for diabetes education.
  • Chat with an AI-enabled BeatO chatbot to get instant solutions.
  • Book online doctor consultations from the comfort of your home.
  • Get Exclusive Yoga Courses for Diabetes & recipes.

BeatO’s Achievements

BeatO has achieved some impressive milestones since its launch that make it a must-have app for people struggling with diabetes. Here are some of the accomplishments of this app:

  • Winner of the National Startup Awards 2021 in the category of Health & Wellness (Access to Healthcare), an initiative by the Govt. of India, first started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji.
  • Trusted by over 1 Million users, BeatO is the most popular Diabetes App.
  • BeatO users experience positive health impact, reduction in hypoglycemia episodes & improvement in sugar levels. It is clinically proven & published in top medical institutions such as DovePress, ADA (American Diabetes Association), AATD (Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes) & ACPCON (American College of Physicians).
  • 1.9%p average estimated reduction in HbA1c**.
  • 51.9% of patients saw a reduction in hypoglycemia episodes.^
  • Within 45 days, users saw a 9.45% improvement in fasting blood sugar levels.
  • 81% of patients did not experience hypoglycemia episodes post-counselling.^^

How You Can Control Diabetes Better With BeatO App

  • BeatO App is designed to help you manage and control diabetes in an effective and efficient way. Here is how you can use BeatO App to better control diabetes:
  • Get Smart with us: Use BeatO Curv Glucometer (ISO-certified) with our feature-rich blood sugar app (BeatO App) for accurate blood sugar readings. It’s a compact, accurate, fast & clinically certified blood sugar tracker.
  • Diabetes Care Programs: Designed to help you control and reverse diabetes under the guidance of experts. Reduce HbA1c, weight, medicine & insulin and see impactful results.
  • Doctors & Nutritionists: Diabetes consultation from doctors, health coaches & team of medical experts (nutritionists & behavioural experts) who continuously monitor your blood sugar levels & can be reached out on-call.
  • Monitor & get rewarded: Earn points for every reading you take & redeem them by shopping for diabetes-friendly products on the app.
  • Automatic Data Saving: Readings are automatically saved in the app blood sugar logbook & can be analyzed with simple graphs.
  • Color-Coded results: BeatO App uses color coding to depict high, low & normal blood sugar levels.
  • Share your readings: Out-of-range readings get shared with your chosen family, friends & doctor contacts via automatic SMS alerts.
  • Save Big: Get subscription plans to save on test strips, medicines & lab tests. Free doorstep delivery, home sample collection, no minimum order value & COD.
  • Shop Diabetes-friendly & Health Products: Explore a range of detox drinks, sugar-free chocolates, sweeteners, socks, devices, Ayurveda & other wellness products.
  • Stay Fit: Sync your fitness tracker to track your steps & the calories you burn directly on the app. This blood sugar app is compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, Fitbit & more trackers.

Final Thoughts

BeatO is an amazing app that helps people manage and control their diabetes better. With its comprehensive features, ease of use, and clinical certifications, it is no wonder that BeatO is the most popular diabetes management app in India. If you are looking for an app to help manage and control your diabetes, BeatO is definitely worth a try.

BeatO: Diabetes Care & Tracker