Beyond the Photo Album – Universal Photo Sharing with FindYou Photos

by | Mar 12, 2018 | General | 0 comments

My husband and I got married a few months ago, and I wish we’d known about FindYou Photos back then! It’s been months, and we’re still tracking down friends to share their photos with us. It’s always this way when we travel in groups as well. Inevitably, each one of us ends up with photos the others may never see again.

Enter FindYou Photos! This new app lets you share your photos by assigning place and time stamps to the images rather than tagging individual people or businesses. Skipping name tagging, this creates a universal photo bank for all to share and browse at their leisure.

Were you somewhere recently and didn’t have your phone with you for that gorgeous sunset? Check FindYou Photos for the place and time – someone else may have perfectly captured it! Now you can be a part of the newest photo movement by contributing photos directly from your photo roll on your phone through this app available for free for iOS.

We also have a honeymoon coming up, and I’ve been excitedly perusing photos of Liverpool and London shared over the last few months. I’ll be sure to also check back after our trip. You never know when you might be serendipitously captured in a stranger’s photo!

Still in its fledgling status, the more early adopters that jump at the chance to utilize this new unique platform, the more robust it will become over time. The current photos available are mostly in England which is home to the app’s founder. However, this new technology has the potential to catch on like wildfire across continents. The developers could consider adding an ability to scroll through between individual photos in full view rather than returning to the main grid each time. Another feature which could enhance this app would be selecting a range of dates for search criteria rather than a rigid month and year combination.

Overall, there is great potential in this app to change the way we all share and access photos. Any photographers out there could surely promote their work on here as well. The possibilities are endless! Check it out for yourself in the App Store.