Katt Android App Review

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With the ever growing culture of feline lovers like cat lovers, a few stores have started to grow the sell of feline related items. A shortcoming to this is that those stores do not specialize in feline relates commodities as well as being located within a given locality stocking and selling merchandise from and to a limited population of people. Katt comes in to bridge this gap by expanding to be a worldwide e commerce web shop.

About Katt

Katt is an online e commerce app acting like a store that specializes in the sell of feline related merchandise connecting potential buyers with potential sellers from all over the world.

Features of Katt

1) Account setup

For buyers and sellers, the can set up their personal accounts which they can then use to navigate through the app. A seller can consolidate all his merchandise in one account where potential buyers can find him or her through a unique username.

2) In App communication

People can be able to communicate with each other inside the app controlled environment. Through these potential buyers can be able to communicate with the commodity sellers so as to gain any intended information.

3) Customer care

There is a a dedicated customer care speed access area for any queries that arise between the artist sellers and the buyers. Also incase you are experiencing any problems with your account you can sort their assistance.

4) Customizable Shopping

With the app potential buyers can apply filters to their shopping so that they can narrow down to the specific feline merchandise they intended to look at or purchase instead off wasting time going through irrelevant information.

5) Ratings

Goods stocked through the app can be rated by buyers following a star ranking which in turn can alert any potential buyer if the commodity is worth a purchase. High ratings indicate the product is very valuable.

Pros and Cons of Katt.

On a general look at the Katt App the following are some of its Pros and Cons.


– Through the app buyers and sellers are connected directly eliminating the presence of middlemen who tend to increase original prices.

– Merchandise sold online through the app can be able to be shipped world wide to its buyers.

– Buyers using the app have access to unlimited feline related merchandise.

-The app provides potential buyers with additional information on the commodity they want to buy as well as price comparison to available similar commodities.

– For potential sellers, it is the perfect location to showcase and advertise gis or her feline related merchandise.


– Relaxed regulation making it hard for potential buyers to decipher between genuine sellers and potential pretenders looking to con unsuspecting clients.

– Good being shipped across continents can take longer periods to arrive to the buyers since the day of purchase.

– The goods sold lack a warrant that can protect the final buyers incase of breakdowns after the purchase.


Katt is the perfect one stop web shop for the expanding population of feline lovers to showcase or buy feline related items.

For artists it is a nice location for one to express oneself through your creations.