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Bible Puzzles for Toddlers is an Android phone app that is simple, fun, and easy to use for toddlers and their parents to enjoy playing together. Introducing your child to God’s love has never been so effortless. All you have to do is touch and swipe a puzzle piece into the right shaped hole until you’ve completed the puzzle to hear the sweet, sweet hallelujahs. It’s that simple. Children ages 2-7 can play it, even some of the older kids if they want.

The art style is whimsical and colorful as are the music and sound effects. With each boing, twinkle, and hallelujah, your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when completing each puzzle without stressing over getting any wrong. Just imagine the delighted giggling that will ensue as your child gets one wrong just to hear the boinging sound. The main characters of some of the puzzles are easily recognizable, so you can name each one for your child as they play or even make it Bible story time. There’s no time limit, so take as much time as you want to tell a story.

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What makes Bible Puzzles for Toddlers so great isn’t just its colors and sounds, but how it helps the little ones develop their brains. The human brain has two hemispheres- the left and the right- that have many different tasks that they handle that need exercising. The left hemisphere is logical and follows in a sequence while the right hemisphere is the creative side handling also intuition and emotions. The puzzles improve a child’s memory, concentration, motor hand skills, solving complex tasks, and much, more. This is done by using memorable characters, encouraging sounds, playful music, helping a child remember what the hole shapes look like for a puzzle piece to go into, etc.

Another thing that makes Bible Puzzles for Toddlers awesome is how proudly Jesus is displayed on the majority of the puzzles with a smile, just like the one your child will have when he or she plays this game.

With 20 puzzles, your child, when finished playing them all for the first time, can continue to play them over and over again as they please, challenging themselves to solve the puzzles faster. Child supervision is advisable so a little one doesn’t click on something they shouldn’t, but other than that, feel free to let them have at the puzzles and enjoy the sweet little moments of spending quality time with them.

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