Camera RX – REVIEW

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Camera RX – a camera suitable for both highly skilled photographers and amateurs. It is a simple yet excellent app that takes a snap of your object and applies various filters that makes it look astounding. The app includes various real time filters, effects and much more .Camera Rx is a camera app that is gaining popularity day by day.

It is known for taking photos by tapping anywhere on the screen, high performance manual camera, light adjustment functionality, focus, white balance and much more. Furthermore, it includes photo capture as well as video capture and works with telescopic, wide angle and dual lenses. However, the Pros and Cons of Camera Rx are mentioned below in detail – 


· It includes light adjustment, white balance, and focus and exposure functionality to make your photos look superior.

· It supports silent photography as it does not produce any shutter sound while taking pictures.

· It makes use of Adobe Creative Cloud for filter effect functionality and ample image correcting.

· Its high performance camera helps in –

1) Taking great pictures by use of wide angle and dual lenses.

2) Excellent video recording by use of frame ratio adjustment functionality.

· It is characterized by Grid display to help in photo composition.

· The photo library on the phone and settings can easily be accessed on Camera RX by a swipe.

· It helps to capture pictures or record videos by tapping anywhere on the screen, therefore it, avoids a shutter button and the shutter sound. Thus, it helps to capture photos and videos easily and silently.

· In order to see minute details of the pictures or videos, zoom in and zoom out functions are available.

· It is quite similar to the digital cameras as it includes a bunch of features and gives the user the control over how their pictures and videos are going to look like.

· It supports various files such as .jpg, .jpeg, .mp4 and many more.

· This app is designed for both Iphone and Ipad .The main highlight of Camera Rx is that all the above features and functions are available at the bottom of the screen. Thus, it is very easy to operate on all small and large sized devices.

· Thus Camera RX offers everything a user could wish for. It satisfies everyone from newbies to professionals. It is vigilantly designed and is easy to use.


· There are probably no cons when it comes to Camera RX. Apart from the fact that there isn’t a free version of this app available on the store but Camera RX lives up to the expectation of the user and gives much more when compared to its price. 

Final Verdict

The Camera RX app includes everything a user requires to capture and edit a picture or a video. The usual manual controls, silent shutter, white balance etc provides the best photography experience. The combination of high performance functionality and simple user interface makes the application much more interactive and easy to use. The Camera Rx is a powerful application with a mixture of intuitive features .It is definitely a brilliant choice which provides a great balance of features alongside a bunch of really valuable effects and filters.


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