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Apple has made everything easier, not only in terms of communication but also entertainment.With an iPhone you can gain knowledge that would have costed you some pennies to acquire.Among the apps that have been developed to make your life easier is Coach Guitar.It’s an app that gives those interested in music an opportunity to learn different skills to use guitar. The appwas introduced by Boris Douarre, the CEO of Manomaya SAS.

According to him Coach Guitar

“It is a very gratifying learning method since each lesson is broken down into smaller, achievable goals. More than a million people have downloaded Coach Guitar to learn how to play their favourite songs without music theory or guitar tabs.”

With coach guitar its easy not only to learn but also to teach anyone to play songs on the guitar. It comes with a simple video tutorial and a coded fingering chart. The user is given an opportunity topractice before moving to the next stage since the video plays automatically stops after each fingering.

For parts that requires extra time a playback can be selected.

Coach Guitar is absolutely free and comes with some free songs which include, “Stairway to Heaven” byLed Zeppelin and “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day For additional songs they can bepurchased in the app for $3.99 each .This gives you an assurance of learning a minimum of two songs.

A difficulty scale key for each song has been included. The scale rates them from 1 to 5 guitar picks, 1 being the simplest.

The app is easy to set to meet your requirements, with several languages to choose from .Video configurations can be changed to suit both left hand and right hand users .Once are you perfect you can play a backing song to accompany as you play .The Coach Library features over 80 titles and new songs added daily. In the library you can find detailed information of both the artist the song and the also the rating of the song

i.e. the level of difficulty.

Everything have both its limitations and advantages, the Coach Guitar App gives more of the advantages.

First it’s a cheap app to operate all it needs it’s your time and dedication. Unlike the normal guitar classes where you will need to some tuition fees for this it’s absolutely free hence making it easy to access.For the normal guitar classes you will need to follow someone’s timetable and conditions i.e. time to meet but for the Coach guitar you manage everything by yourself.

Like all apps the Coach Guitar have its limitations .For more songs you have to purchase them in the app this might not favor all users. 3.99 $ might sound little but to a middle class person he or she will tell you what it costs to raise that amount.

The number of free songs are less than 5,I think this number should be increased to about 20 to give users a wide variety .

In conclusion regardless of its disadvantages the Coach Guitar remains to be among the best
entertainment apps.

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