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Every living being has a different taste, whether it’s a dish, a hobby, music, videos, dressing sense, etc. According to that taste everyone fulfils his or her requirements. Agree? Likewise, we have a different taste for the music and video category. Some people like funny videos, whereas some like action videos and the rest of the people have some different choices. What would it be if we assemble all the best choices of people at a common place so that they can find their favorite videos instantly without browsing here and there? Is there any common app or a store which curates the world’s best and trending videos on the Internet?

Yes, Of Course nothing is impossible in this 21st century. Today, I’m going to introduce you one such app that will definitely blow your mind. It’s called Swish Video. This app offers a huge collection of videos all around the world. The most breathtaking, funny and charming videos across the web are categorized into 12 different video categories such as Comedy, Action, Sports, Fashion and many more. The most important feature which differentiates this app from others is that you can create your personalized playlists of the world’s best videos based on your taste.

It curates the best, most happening and trending videos on the Internet into a single app, only for you! You can play any video you like and mark them as your favorite if you think so. You can also share with others including your friends and recommend to them. You’ll not get irritated or bored unlike other video apps which stops in between due to network or another issue. Because this app offers you an unmatched experience by consistently serving you one great video after another. The reason being all the videos on the Swish goes through a machine learning algorithms and they are properly screened the master curators before being uploaded. So there is no chance of any mistake. That is what makes this app trustworthy!

Swish Video is more than an app, because it’s like a game also. You can share your experience, discoveries, rate and upload to gain a level-up. Moreover, you can compete with your friends to unlock Swish super powers and many more features. The best and most amazing videos will be served to you with this app. Swish Video has been developed by Sling Slot. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 9.0 or any later version of the Operating System. You must be 17 years old to download this app!

Swish Video is available for free on the iTunes Store. Download it now! If you use the app, then you’ll get to know about its hidden features also. Get in touch with it and wait for the 360 video and VR headset compatibility which is coming very soon in this app!

Pros: all in one video app; 12 different categories; top most videos; runs flawlessly; brilliant graphics; awesome video quality; free to use.

Cons: none.

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